It's Impossible To Hate The New New Super Mario Bros. U

I just want to say that we don't need two New Super Mario Bros. games in the span of four months. I just want to say they should look more different. I just want to be a grouch, but, actually... this game looks lovely!

Is your heart not melted yet?

Then watch this gameplay demo.

Man, all it takes to win me over is a Mario with a world map again. What can I say?

This is a "launch window" game, so it'll be out between Wii U launch and the end of March 2013.


    This is the internet. Someone will manage to hate it.

      My heart just melted. I loved Super Mario World and this just made me *want* to buy a WiiU on day 1 for this so my son and I can get right into it :D

      "I pity the fool who hates this game..."

        Hate is not the word I'd use...Just over it at this point...I mean I just got NSMB 2 for the 3DS, I don't really want to put down $350 for another NSMB game...that's not a Day One System seller for will no doubt be for other people, but for me? No I'm over it Nintendo, that isn't enough to sell me on this system.

          I get that. I wasnt impressed by NSMB2 either and felt the same way. However, this looks like the true sequel to Super Mario World I've always longed for :) So I'm all in for it!

    I'm going to be that guy...looks like the same old, same old for me and once again Nintendo gets a pass on it simply because it's Nintendo.

    Don't get me wrong, it looks nice for what it is...but I've had three installments of this franchise, I'm kind of worn out and this looks like it's being done simply so Nintendo can say "We have a Mario game at launch, it's not the Mario game you really want but it's a Mario game"

    So to be that guy, this stil isn't making me want a Wii U, it's just more of the same old same old and Nintendo once again gets a pass for it

      Me too. The 2D games are so stale. There were much more interesting games on show.

        i love 2D games, i think rayman origins last year was fantastic and some xbla 2d games this year are great.
        but marios 2d games have become boring imo.
        if this was developed by the Galaxy team id be excited. hell if it was a new galaxy game (or a game with at least that much creativity) id be over the moon.

        i just cant help but think that the wii-u launch will be as lackluster as the 3DS

    This is a launch day game not launch window... It will be released the same day as the wiiu.

    I've been having a bit of a revival of SMB lately, on Wii, DS & 3DS with my 4 year old son. Despite having the same essential formula they still put a lot of effort into polish and very well designed levels. I'm currently ploughing through NSMB2 on a 3DSXL and loving every minute of it. We'll be definitely picking up a Wii U and the 'new' SMB.

    I may be missing something here, but stylus? It's not capacitive touch? That seems like a silly idea. I'm in the middle of running in a platformer, lets get out my stylus so I can draw on the screen.

    Also, can you just draw your own platforms wherever you want in this game?

      You *do* know that with resistive touch screens, you can use anything to touch the screen right? Unlike capacitive screens where you either need to use your finger or a specialised stylus.

      Also capacitive is turdburgers.

        What you've said is all true except let's not pretend resistive is anywhere near as good a user experience as capacitive.

          Actually in a lot of senses it is.. Resistive is a LOT more sensative and precise, but thats where its problems lay - using something as fat as your finger isnt a very precise tool to use. Its why big icons and things work wonder on these screens. And the fact anything can be used on the screen to make it work can either be seen as an advantage or disadvantage.

          Capacitive isnt anywhere near as precise, but it has advantages like items in your bags not activating it and your big fingers work much better on it due to the lack of this precision.

          Work is currently being done to combine the two techs.

            Interesting. Maybe the tech can be better than what I've seen, but in the car touch screens and the like where I've seen resistive tech it's craaaaap.

    Impossible eh? I'm getting very close.
    At the very least I hate the "New" in these titles. I liked these games better when they were called Super Mario Bros. 3.

    It was mildly entertaining if only for it's nostalgic value in 2006 and in 2012 they are tediously repetitive, offensively lazy and and utterly cynical.
    "Let's just slap it on a different console and pretend like it's an entirely new product. They'l eat this shit right up again and again".

    Good job discerning shoppers. Good. Job.

      In Nintendo's defense, they'll stop cashing in on a formula that works and people clearly like when Activision stops doing the same with CoD, or EA stops doing the same with all its sports titles.

    Looks crap. Same thing as all other 2D Marios. Nintendo, start innovating again!

    So you not only have to take your hands of the controller you need to pick up a stylus to use this thing?

    Watching the second video of someone form one of the biggest companies in the world talk super seriously about power ups in a 2D game is like being in an alternative universe where new power ups have been the only changes to videogames in the last 25 years.

      The stylus play is just a second-player "co-star" mode I think. It's not the main game. They've certainly pushed it in the trailer but I expect most people won't use it much.

      I think the problem is that it just looks so gimmicky...the touch screen stuff I mean...what's the appeal? you place blocks for other players to jump on in effect making the game slightly easier for them (or potentially troll worthy)...

      Doesn't look like much fun to me for the player with the Tablet...maybe fun for 20 minutes, but an entire few hours of multiplayer being played that boring would that get?

      So yeah, my problem with it is just how gimmicky that controller seems. There has yet to be one game to show why that controller means something.

    When will you learn Mario, Peach is just a slut.

    HD Mario (and Zelda) complete me.

    Gorgeous. I'm only going to be playing this solo, as my wife suffers from hypertension platformaphobia. She actually has anxiety attacks when presented with tiny gaps and sideways-shambling goombas. I hope that solo play feels like Super Mario World.

      Give Rayman Origins a go. Probably don't leave the first world as it gets HARD later, but it does ease you into it. My non-gaming wife actually loves Rayman Origins. We've had a blast playing co-op, the only game she's played since the whack-a-mole minigame in NSMB1.

        Actually that's the game I'm more excited for at this point...I'm far more excited for Rayman Legends then I am for NSMB-U...but that could be because I absolutely loved Rayman Origins

    Author forgot this is Kotaku.

    No-one else thinks it's horrible design to have to take a hand off the controller to use the stylus to place platforms?

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