It's The Pokemon MMO I've Always Wanted

Somehow this is the first time I've gotten my hands on World of Warcraft's version of Pokemon. This short video will give you a basic overview of what the next few months of PC gaming hold for me.

You can capture them, heal them, eat them should you run out of food (probably not that last one). Since I was a pet collector before Pandaria dropped I've already got a massive stable of fighting furry and scaly things to choose from.

I did manage to hop into Pandaria proper this morning, participating in a few story quests. None were quite as entertaining to me than standing on the riverbank in Goldshire, watching my Mini-Diablo kill a squirrel.


    Have you not played PokeMMO...?

      PokeMMO definitely.

    I got annoyed with IGN the other day. They did an interview with Gamefreak about the future of pokemon. It basically consisted of "are you going to change much? "Nope". No questions about a true console open world game or a Pokemon MMO.

    I was almost tempted to pick this up, but having been cold turkey from wow for almost 12 months now, i didnt.

    after watching this clip, i need to see 2 grils 1 cup again just to stop my stomach churns.

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