iTunes Users Are Upset About This Blatant Mario Clone

Another day, another beloved video game gets cloned by an iOS developer out to make a quick buck. The current victim is Nintendo, a company that is seeing their lovely 3DS game Super Mario 3D Land pilfered by the creators of 3D Cartoon Land Safari.

Naturally, the everyday Joes and Janes who review games in the iTunes/App store have thrown tomatoes at this game.

They're not having it:

"Would be good if you add run and fire balls in it", writes Tank 180. He/she gave the game two stars. "But rate now kinda of boring." [sic]

A user known as 忒女亠双母痨爽朗遛劫 世 damns with the faint praise that this game "has potential" and remarks: "If this game gets smoother, and better weapons Il change it to 5 stars."

The outrage is apparent in dcgrove1's review. "Slow and boring", they say. "Not a very good game. May be interesting to smaller children."

Don't fret for the game's developer, though. Mean as these reviewers may be, our fearless cloner has another Mario rip to sell. Maybe that one will be better-received.



    Sounds like they picked the name from the videogame name generator site. Plagiarizing flogs.

    Thought when I read "They're not having it" that I'd be seeing people annoyed with another knock off.

    Nope, just constructive criticism.

      I'm strangely impressed at the criticism offered.

        "better weapons" wut?

    Take the ethos of this game and port it to a console... you could have a winner....

    Apple should really screen these more thoroughly. What's it been now? Megaman, Pokemon and now Mario blatantly ripped off? If they spent as much time filtering their appstore for porn, they'd save us a tonne of heartache.

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