Kickstarter Pulls In More Money For Games Than For Almost Anything Else

People giving money to Kickstarter projects love games. How much do they love them? According to Kickstarter's number crunchers, over $US50 million dollars over the last eight months have gone to games campaigns. That's more money than has gone to film, tech or music projects.

Now, it's not just digital games that are getting all that cash. Board and card games account for some of those numbers, too. But the huge successes of Ouya, Wasteland 2 and, most iconically, Double Fine Adventure have energised the crowdfunding for games to an incredibly, exponential degree. It's been a big jump according to these numbers:

In 2012, Games has gone from the eighth most-funded category in Kickstarter history to the second most-funded. Here's how much money has been pledged to games each year:

2009 - $US48,190

2010 - $US519,885

2011 - $US3,615,841

2012 - $US50,330,275

We've still yet to see the results of most of the 2012 projects reaping all this cash. And don't forget that it's not every project that gets fully funded. Some will be big successes. Others might be unfortunate failures. But, however they wind up, crowd-funding campaigns for game projects probably aren't going away anytime soon.

The Year of The Game [Kickstarter]


    Is this just video games or does it include board games?
    I know that using kickstarter as an indie publishing site is pretty big for board games at the moment.

      Just took a look and the Category of Games, includes Board & Card and Video games.
      Board and Card games has also grown by a huge amount, but not to the same degree (or $ amounts) as video games.

      Last year, board games had double the pledges of video games, this year video games has a bit more than double board games.

        Also, board games has more successfully funded projects per month than video games, but video games brings in more money.

      Did you even read the article?
      "Now, it’s not just digital games that are getting all that cash. Board and card games account for some of those numbers, too."

        Obviously I missed that line.
        Went and read the article at the kickstarter site and found the rest of the information that actually breaks down the numbers.

    And Kickstarter take a 10% cut of that don't they? Nice $5 million profit there.

    Just because I want to see it hit its stretch targets, I'm going to leave this here..

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