Kingdom Hearts Getting Remixed In HD For PS3

Square Enix is bringing the first Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to the PS3 in HD as part of a new KH compilation called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.

The version of Kingdom Hearts is the Japanese language "Final Mix" version, and the game, along with Chain of Memories, will have trophy support. This latest ReMIX will be out next year in Japan.

『キングダム ハーツ』のPS3向けHD版『キングダム ハーツ -HD 1.5 ReMIX-』とPCブラウザ向け作品が発表! [ファミ通]


    I've read that 358/2 isn't playable but other than that i look forward to playing Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, since that was never released for Australia.. should be good :]

      what you have read is wrong, the game is great.

        No, the literal fact that you can't play 358/2 Days in this HD collection. It says you can only watch the cut scenes.

    Surely by now, everyone realises that if a KH title has the word "mix" in it, it means it will never leave Japan right? Coz, that's their thing you know, they're horrible people who don't like the Westerners.

    I'm kidding Square-Disney, you're alright. Still, I very much doubt we'll see any anniversary edition for the US/EU/AU, it's not what they do. They should just bring out KH III and finish the franchise, don't keep it going with crappy spin-offs every year.

      who said KH3 has to be the end

    Yeah, 358/2 Days isn't getting remade or anything, supposedly. Just the cutscenes are being redone, and will be available in the Theater Mode.

    Other than that little disappointment, I'm somewhat excited. I did just get my PS2 modded and imported the Final Mixes and Re:Chain of Memories, though. -__-
    Oh well, I'm a sucker. I'll be buying this.

      Woo! HD Icecream! Just what we needed!

    Awesome. This really is...

    Now tell me FFX HD isn't coming out until after this and I will be able to kill myself.

    Seriously...? KH1 is decent, but chain of memories has terrible combat and 358/2 Days is incredibly depressing and the storyline goes nowhere.

      I will say though, Chain of Memories actually managed to have a decent story. DDD was alright, but it had a lot of plotholes. Story wise, CoM was just as interesting as a main entry, especially that NG+ where you played as Riku. It was actually thought out, and for a GBA game the combat was alright. Riku especially, Sora was kind of a convoluted mess with all his magic attacks.

      But if you're remaking it, get rid of those bloody cards.

    Kingdom Hearts at 720p? How cute. I've played through KH I and II (and FFX, XII) rendered at 1440p (4*720p) and it's incredible. It seems that all Square games of the PS2 era are beautifully detailed and look great at a high res, even with the original textures (provided you don't get too close. Text isn't nice, though).

    I am really getting frustrated that Square has just been milking remakes for the past 5 or so years. At this rate, they're going to miss the PS3 entirely before KH3 comes out.

      How would one go about doing this? I tried putting a magnifying screen on my tv (the kind that old folks use to read the newspaper) but this only made things blurry. I then moved it to my window and it must have been a hot day because my house caught on fire

    what, no birth by sleep?! anyway i STILL have my ps2. if this comes out, ill probably end up trading it in for a PS3.

      I imagine they're saving that for a second HD re-release, which would likely feature KH2, Birth by Sleep and possibly the cutscenes from Re:Coded and/or Dream Drop Distance. It would make perfect financial sense for Square-Enix to release two separate HD packs that those interested would have to purchase, rather than throw it all into one package.

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