Kojima Considered Making A Metal Gear Game Starring 'The Boss'

The Boss, the female antagonist in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, is one of my favourite characters in all of gaming. So when Hideo Kojima mentioned he would like to make a game using her as the protagonist? Well, I like the sound of that!

"We've talked previously about a game featuring The Boss as a main character," said Kojima, talking at PAX. "This is something I'd really love to make."

It's also something I'd really like to play. The Boss is arguably one of the strongest female characters in all of gaming, and a games starring that character would be a great opportunity to really expand in a fresh new area, particularly if it draws on the Metal Gear Solid lore of The Boss playing a major part in ending World War II.

According to Eurogamer, Kojima added that if was to go down this direction, the game wouldn't be a spin off ala Metal Gear Rising, and would be more like an actual numbered Metal Gear title.

And while we're talking Metal Gear — Kojima also revealed his dream directors for the upcoming movie would be either Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino (Tarantino please!). His choices for Snake would be Ben Affleck, Tom Hardy, or Hugh Jackman.

Kojima would like to make a Metal Gear game starring The Boss [Eurogamer]


    I want to see a MGS movie or game during WW2 just so that I can see the Cobra Unit storming the beach of Normandy and the Pain shooting bees at Nazis.

    Oh god anything but Tarantino... so... may... pointless... monologues...

    Darron Aronofsky would be pretty cool, he could make it super gritty and realistic, not turn it into some Micheal Bay BS.

      I think Nolan would be the best choice for his strong preference for live action, like flipping the semi in Dark Knight.
      But in Tarantino's favour you have to admit, the bad guys in Metal Gear Solid games love them some monologues.

        Nolan would be good no doubt, the batman series is really well done, great balance of characters/story/action, so i would definitely be happy if he signed on, but i can imagine he's pretty in demand right now...

        There's definitely a lot of cutscenes in MG games (i love everything MG so i don't mind) and i understand the connection, but i just can't get down with Tarantino anymore. After kill bill 2 i was just over the pointless blah blah blahing all the time, like he was doing it so that people would say "oh this is definitely a Tarantino film, everyone's talking about nothing! and there's heaps of useless pop culture references too!".

        Having said that I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds and as I'm also a sucker for a good western, I'm looking forward to Django Unchained.

    I'd love to see a Metal Gear with The Boss, and the rest of the Cobra unit.

      Hmm I think it should be Terrence Malick - long monologues about the futility of war set over images of trees burning and dying animals and then a forty five minute scene where snake marries an Argentinian girl and farms while musing about god and life and the reality of his pure existence.

        Why does a Hollywood actor HAVE to play Snake? Moreover, why do THOSE Hollywood actors have to play him? Please not Tarantino either, he's over-hyped and overrated.

          oops not meant as a reply soz

    Too bad Kurt Russell's too old to play Snake, as he was the original Snake Pliskin (Escape from New York/LA). Man he was a badass in those movies.

    Ben Affleck? Really?

      Well he's rocking the beard in Argo.

      I'm not sure about his acting, but he's apparantly doing a great job as a director.

      I thought it was a bit of a crazy choice at first, seeing as he's not really a big star anymore and he doesn't exactly scream Solid Snake, but now I think about it out of the three there Ben Affleck is actually the one I could see coming the closest to actually pulling it off.
      Hardy is great but I just don't see it. Jackman can act but I don't think he could take it far enough away from Wolverine without moving too far away from Snake. I think Ben Afflack has the face and the build for it. He could do the acting side of it as long as the director was taking it seriously. The voice would probably be the biggest hurdle but really I don't see anyone doing it without coming off like Christian Bale's Batman.
      Ultimately though I think even if he got it spot on it'd fall to the audience not being able to get past the fact it's Ben Affleck.

    I dunno, I like how the boss is kind of a mystery. I think it should stay that way.

    15 years ago I would have said that Tarantino was the greatest director of all time. But in hindsight, I think it was just a phase of mine. Kind of like how I used to insist that if a song didnt have guitars it wasnt real music. Teenagers are idiots, and I was one of the worst.

      You should be proud you grew out of it. Most don't.

      The amount of times I've heard basically these exact words spewed from people 5 to 10 years older than me (I'm 22) is ridiculous, and they show absolutely no sign of imminent change.

    Please not Affleck or Jackman. I can deal with Tom Hardy, but not the other two.

    Metal Gear Joy.
    I wants it.

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