League Of Legends Cosplay That's So Good It Doesn't Look Human

Britthebadger is one of the best cosplayers going around. But even by her lofty standards, this League of Legends Orianna costume is a special piece of work.

The amount of detailing and engineering required to build something this at all, let alone get it in a state where you can wear it (while still looking like the character) is mid-boggling. Yet here it is. Looking astonishing.

We caught a glimpse of it in action at PAX East, but the thing is so good it deserves a second, proper look.

Also worth a look is another of her recent LoL outfits, for Sejuani (complete with Bristle).

You can see more of Britt's cosplay here. All photos below were taken by <a href="Bill Hinsee Photography">Bill Hinsee.

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    Hahaha is it bad that all I could think of is that some hired hand is sweating balls in there, ala BrĂ¼no interview?

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