Like Those Resident Evil Movies? Well, Get Ready For A Monster Hunter Flick.

Like Those Resident Evil Movies? Well, Get Ready For A Monster Hunter Flick.

Paul W.S. Anderson has made a whole bunch of Resident Evil movies. And those movies have made a whole bunch of money. But Anderson doesn’t only have eyes for Capcom’s survival horror franchise. Apparently, he’s keen to bring Monster Hunter to the silver screen, too.

In an interview with Cinema Today, Anderson said, “Recently, I love Monster Hunter! Now, we are in the middle of planning a movie version.” There’s not much more info than that, and this sounds very early in production. Still, if you like what Anderson has done with the Resident Evil movies, this should make you happy. If you don’t then, well, yeah.

「モンハン」実写映画化を企画中!『バイオハザード』シリーズ監督が衝撃告白! [Cinema Today]

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  • Words can’t quite describe how inept a filmmaker this person is. The Resident Evil series (only watched the first, second for five minutes) was one of the most horrid film experieces ever. Not to mention, this is the same person who created the dog’s breakfast called AvP. Surely Capcom could sell the rights to someone who at least had (half) a clue?

    • Here’s a good story for you. Zack Ward is in RE2. He’s the ginger who gets killed by the dogs. I interviewed him years back for a website. When shooting RE2, Milla let him stay in one of her units where they were shooting it, I think it was in canada somewhere? Anyhow he said he was SUPPOSED to survive the movie. The scene originally called for him to be attacked by the dogs then wrestle them away. He became great friends with Milla during the shoot, she offered him to stay in her unit she wasn’t using as he was staying in a car as he was living on the per diem (daily pay of around 200 bucks) he was getting and Paul WS Anderson got majorly jealous. Zack arrived at work one day to find out his characters fate had changed. Suddenly he’d gone from survivor fighting off dogs, to dogfood. lol. He shot his scene grudgingly and was told to leave the set afterwards. *not* happy. Anderson got paranoid and suspected an affair, there was none though, and used his own little pissy jealousy issues to kill off a good actor in a movie (that was shit anyhow). We laughed about it in the interview but in Wards own words? ‘I had a better time working with Uwe Boll on Postal…’.

      Fuck me, when you prefer working with Boll….

    • I like the RE Movies – never really got into the games, but I love the movies. Actually really hyped about this coming out.

      Well – Actually – I liked RE 1 and RE3, 2 was ok but not great, 4 was ok in the middle, but then just got weird/boring.

  • I cannot imagine why these movies make as much money as they do. Perhaps the same reason why certain pop stars are as popular as they are.

    • Thats right, it’s the same reason EA is still around. They gobble up real talent and powerful IP’s, pervert them for profit but ruin the series in the process of making truckloads of money then start the process again with another talented developer until it is used up. Rinse-repeat.

  • And yet again we have another respected series whored out to subpar movie studios to milk it’s good reputation for all it’s worth until it’s spent.

    Thank god for studio’s like the one that made the new “Dredd” film, at least they worked with it’s comic book creator in it’s development. We can add Monster Hunter to the list of other disrespectful movie versions of Resident Evil, Avatar (the last Airbender), DragonBall and the like…..

  • Not a fan of movies, Monster hunter movie sounds interesting, but I know it’s gonna be shit, I bet that the characters will all have guns =.= , please hollywood prove me wrong >_

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