Lots Of Things Go Boom In Borderlands 2's Launch Trailer

This launch trailer tells me a few things. For instance, Handsome Jack is an arsehole, but we already knew that. The siren Maya is a damn good option for cooperative play, but I already knew that.

Oh, and there are a ton of bandits and mechs to fight through. A ton. To be met by lots of explosions and fire. That'll be your doing.

I'm also loving the siren love exchanged between Lilith and Maya. They're my favourite.

Look for my review tonight, and look for the game when it releases in Australia on September 21.


    I thought it was Uncharted 2's opening for a few seconds.

    If we don't get into the vault this time, I want my money back.

    Hahaha, Bazillions of Guns!

    Works almost as well as Sega's Blast Processing...


    my 11 yo self would have been all over this!

    September 21st??

    It releases on steam on the 21st for Aus, but its the 20th for JB HiFi, I'm guessing it'd be the same for other game shops too.

    JB and EB have it listed on the 20th.

    um .... what? 20th if memory serves. Telling me its the 21st is just cruel, might have to go kill puppies to get over the sadness. BRING IT HANDSOME JACK!

    I've already taken leave on the 21st. It BETTER be out on the 20th so I can take it home from work because if not, my wife will wake me up at 4am to catch the first train into the city (even though JB won't open til 8...)

    Games are always Thursday aren't they - i.e. the 20th? Then again, I am hoping JB post mine on time, because I would hate for it not to arrive by the weekend and me have to go invisible sniper ninja on them...

    I wasn't going to get this game.. but when I saw it available for $37.50USD yesterday, I snapped it up.. now I am excited :) haha..

      Oh.. and it's pre-loaded through Steam right now.. sitting on my HD ready to go as soon as it's unlocked. :)

      Where from out of interest?

        I got it for $33 from green Man Gaming. Use the voucher - i cant remember the code but you can google it and it should still work

    What's this? Borderlands with a story?


    SIREN FIST BUMP IS SO FREAKING BADASS - watched the trailer so many times already..

    EB has a listed street date of the 20th. My local store is doing a midnight launch party!!

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