Make A Blind Man Kick Butt When The Marvel Heroes Beta Stars On October 1

Raise your hands if Daredevil's your favourite superhero. And don't lie because Matt Murdock's super senses will figure it out. Then you get a billy club to the head. That would hurt.

What doesn't hurt is seeing Elektra, Bullseye and the Punisher showing up in this new gameplay trailer for Gazillion's upcoming superhero MMO. You'll finally be able to start clicking for justice when Marvel Heroes' closed beta starts on October 1st. Head over to the official site to sign up for a chance at a beta slot.


    Daredevil's actually one of my least favourites (Spider-Man gets that honour, for just being a little whiner who solves his problems by running away from them).
    Punisher, however, I really like when he gets involved with other supers, because he adds such a unique dynamic to the situation.

      Isn't the point of Spider-man that he is a joker that doesn't run from his problems?
      Admittedly I haven't kept up with the main Spider-man comics but everything else that I've read or seen from him indicates that.

      Although now that I think about it, I have heard some bad things about his deal with the devil (or what/whoever) but apart from that I can't think of anything.

        Spider-man is supposed to be both the every man and the super man, a shy college kid by day, super hero by night. He's probably my favourite hero because his struggles are so real, batman and iron man are rich boys, punisher is a mass murderer, super man is a joke etc, but spidey is just a kid trying to deal with his newfound responsibility and juggle his real life at the same time, which is pretty damn cool to me.

        I've never checked out much Daredevil stuff, but i really like the premise for the character, a vulnerable blind man is also an acrobatic crime fighter, i like the contrast.

        The game looks alright, although i don't have time for an MMO, looks like it could be fun.

    It looks kind of boring to me. Going by that trailer, I'm not interested.

      Diablo also looks boring in gameplay trailers but when you start playing yourself OH BOY.

    Deadpool only for half a second? This is a travesty!

      It was, however, the best half second of the clip

      To be fair he does have his own game coming out soon.

    Am i missing something here or does the player play AS the marvel superheroes?
    Wouldn't that make it multiplayer with a lobby?

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