Make Other Players Characters In Hitman: Absolution With Contracts Mode

This sizable chunk of gameplay footage highlights Hitman: Absolution's user-generated content feature. In the new Contracts Mode, players can craft and distribute specific missions for each other within the single-player levels.

The walkthrough shows off a Contract mission and how to create one. With the ability to have nearly any character in the game, Contracts Mode looks like a neat evolution that should showcase some devilish creativity once folks get their hands on it.


    I don't like how close this game is to the last Splinter Cell. SC was just annoying, and was most easily beaten by hang off a window ledge and killing each person as they walked near.

      You don't have to play stealthy, the option is purely up to you. If you really wanted to you could go in gun blazing and light the place up.

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