Making Giant Mecha Is So Very Romantic

Wataru Yoshizaki is developing software that powers a giant mecha — a giant mecha that you can actually buy. In the above video, he waxes about working on the KURATAS, which is a huge mecha Kotaku previously featured (here, here, and here).

In the slick video, Yoshizaki says he wants to create a society in which we co-exist with robots. That's very romantic. There's a sales pitch for his hope that other companies use his V-Sido software. That's not so romantic.

If you like this video, check out the second video, which features Kogoro Kurata, the artist who created KURATAS. In a shed.

人が乗れる巨大ロボ「クラタス」を作った倉田光吾郎らに迫るドキュメンタリーがYouTubeで公開中 [Gigazine]


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