Man Who Believes Reptiles Rule The World Asks Why Sega Thinks He's Controversial

Dear David Icke, I see you're wondering why Sega thinks you're a controversial figure. You're holding an event called the Great Gathering of Consciousness in which you will spend nine hours telling an audience how to free themselves from the moon, and you're wondering why Sega won't let you use one of their songs from Total War.

"So it is fine and non-controversial for them to use war as entertainment for the young and others, with all the potential impact on their minds and perceptions about war and violence, but not OK to use a song to which they own the rights to call for people to stop killing each other in crazy wars," you wrote. "That would never do because I am a 'controversial figure'. Tut, tut."

You then posted a few email addresses of Sega employees and asked for the world to circulate your letter far and wide. Tut, tut indeed.

Now first off, I'm Jewish, which of course according to you means that I am a reptile. And a member of the Illuminati. And part of a global conspiracy designed to destroy freedom and everything it stands for.

But still, as an objective writer and observer, let me suggest some reasons that Sega might think you are a controversial figure:

Therefore we can infer that Sega is run by Jew Demon Reptile Lizard People who are teaming up with Agent Smith to keep you quiet and submissive by not letting you use their song because they're controlled by Satan's power and their goal is to defeat you, the son of god, before you can expose the moon's evil plans once and for all. Hope that helps!

Love, Jason

Total War game producer Sega blocks use of anti-war song at Wembley Arena during call for people to stop killing each other because they don't want to be associated with 'controversial figure' David Icke [David Icke via RockPaperShotgun]


    Well said Jason, well said indeed.

      Well said? Read more like a bent jerk rant than an objective article.

      Just the facts alone are enough to make the point that David Icke is delusional &/ a fraud.

        Besides, it's best to just ignore people like Icke, writing a negative article about them just gives them attention and shows that on some level you're taking their crap seriously.

          Yep, i was oblivious about the moon's evil deed sbefore, but now I know I can do soemthign about it, like kill lizards!!

    This all sounds like an amazing game.

      I think it's a quest from Secret World!

    "Your website looks like it was made in 1998."

    In 1998 most websites looked like Word Documents so his site is actually a lot more modern.

    I would buy this game. Sounds kinda cool.

    Please don't look downly upon Sir David Icke as he is only trying to open peoples minds to the reality of the moon and other misconceptions. Not only has he become a great mind of the 21st century but he has opened my mind, along with countless others into understanding the truth of the one power.

      Not only has he opened your mind but it seems your brains have sadly fallen out too. So sad!

      Oh and why is it that when reading the website url of davidicke I keep thinking of a phallic response ;)

    Just FYI, unless you are a practicing Jew, Jason, and you live your life in accordance with the Torah, you are in fact, NOT a Jew. Judaism is a RELIGEON (with a whole lotta cray-cray beliefs, fallen angels, multiple layers of Reality...OR Dimensions etc etc), Judaism isnt a Race.
    I find the Torah to be more "controversial" then poor, old, maybe-not-so-cray-cray David Icke. I suggest one of his more sensible works, perhaps "the worlds biggest secret" and ignore the lizards/reptiles, and follow the bloodlines and the money...its a fun little game.

      Ahem another Jew here (not a very good one I admit though I did grow up as an Ultra-Orthodox) and there are several genetic markers unique to some subsets of jewish people suggesting common ancestry, enough to technically classify ashkenazi and sephardi jews as races (I say technically) also since we have our own unique customs and clothing and food and so on we are classified as a culture too.

      Jews, therefore, are technically a race, religion and a culture and by the way the Torah says we don't have to live by every word in it to still be considered jewish so long as we abide at a minimum to the 10 commandments the power of repentance and all that cleans up the rest of the junk

      I suggest you stick to subjects you have slightly more authority on rather than telling jews when they can or can't be jewish. Oh and clean up your spelling :)

    "Controversial" is too nice of a title, a more appropriate one would be "batshit crazy"

    Ahh David Icke - Whether you believe him or not, have a read of some of his books. His outlook on the world and how it works is intricate and entertaining to say the least!

    I can't believe people actually believe Icke. Oh wait, I totally can, because a lot of people are very, very gullible or similarly crazy.

    Well, whatever. Let him write his mad books about mad space reptile demons or whatever nonsense he believes. He'll go down in history as nothing more than a mildly amusing crank.

    Its funny to see how closed minded people actually are. Go back to sleep, the government will look out for you. And please don't mind the men behind the curtain

    It'll be really awkward if it turns out that all the 'Reptilian' folks are real.

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