Mark Of The Ninja Is Coming To Steam, Free From Games For Windows Live

Good news for PC-owning stealth-fans — Klei Entertainment's Mark of the Ninja is coming to Steam in a couple of weeks. The game, which Patricia liked and Jason and I can't shut up about will be on Steam on October 16 for $US14.99.

In an email to Kotaku, lead designer Nels Anderson had some assurances to make: "I'm primarily a PC person myself," he said, "and I'm not OK, in any way, with this feeling like a shoddy port. It's my intention that this is a full, proper version of the game in its own right."

Welcomely, Mark of the Ninja won't be saddled with an onerous Games for Windows Live requirement, meaning it'll play like any ol' PC game despite the fact that it was published by Microsoft.

There are a ton of games dropping this October, but in terms of fun and smarts, Mark of the Ninja can go toe-to-toe with any of them. Well, I mean, it wouldn't go toe-to-toe. It'd sneak up behind them, ever so quietly…


    i read as you can get it for free from GFWL

      As did I

        Yeah, was confused by that myself. Maybe go with 'free of'.

    Damn this is good news. Lots of good things coming to PC from consoles recently. Keep it up devs, and I'll keep buying.

    Yeah, the title could have been clearer.

    Glad they are also putting the effort into a proper port. That will gain them loyalty from PC gamers.

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