Mass Effect 3 Will Soon Head To Omega

It's no secret that I really liked Mass Effect 3. But as I wound into the last acts of the game, I began to feel like something was missing: I'd really hoped that Aria would demand Shepard's help in retaking Omega.

Lines from the leaked script supported that theory, as did unearthed dialogue. That mission, at least as it exists in my head, is one I really wanted to play. Now, it looks like I might just get my wish — and relatively soon, to boot.

In a post today outlining the future for BioWare in the wake of the founders' retirement, Aaryn Flynn, general manager of the BioWare Montreal and Edmonton studios, confirmed that Omega DLC is on its way, along with more multiplayer DLC.

Flynn indicated only that the Omega DLC was coming "in the (northern) fall", but as we're already halfway through September, it seems likely that we won't have all that long to wait. A Mass Effect DLC teaser image from last weekend's Montreal Comic-Con has been making the rounds; while the image is blurry and undefined, it seems more likely than ever that the tease is indeed for Omega.

From Aaryn Flynn [BioWare Blog]


    Really now, how incomplete was this game? Can we expect a 'GOTY' edition?

    How about I just wait for that one to come out before I start playing again?

    Too much DLC. Way too much.

      Well besides the fact that EA rushed them to finish the game, I wouldn't call it incomplete (not counting the ending before anyone makes that comment). They made the game and are now expanding on side stories that they wanted to, but didn't have time.....I don't really see a problem with that since it's the last Shepard game in the series.

      I still think this is infinitely better than the 'From Ashes' debacle. At least this is going to be genuinely new content not already on the disk or ready for launch.

      Plus, apart from From Ashes (which I agree was stingy as hell), I think Bioware have been quite generous with the new content; the Extended Cut, free multiplayer DLC, etc. I know lots of people are still pissed off about the ending, but the fact is the people who don't care anymore won't pay attention to this. They just won't buy it. The fans who are happy and/or have forgiven them will.

    Well, new content is always fine by me, as long as it's good. From Ashes was a sell out, but I do find it a bit unfair that they left it out again. Which seems to be your point.

    To be fair, all the multiplayer DLCs have been free, there's only been 3 paid DLCs to date.

    Playing through the main story the first time when i did Aria's side missions and then that was it... it was obvious Omega was going to be DLC. Looking forward to heading back to that asteroid.

    I hope when you take it back you can go there and shopand stuff

    this should have been in with the original release game. having played to the end, the attraction of taking back omega before the end, is far less.

    compared to major DLCs for ME2, this is not on my list anytime soon at all. Steam GOTY sale maybe.

    Fuck Aria I HATED the way she put Shepard on a leash and made her do all that bullshit and for what? A handful of crusty mercs that in the grand scheme of the war wouldn't of made a lick of differance against the Reapers. On top of that while a million people are dieing evey DAY on Earth we have to make a detour to help this bitch take over Omega so she can get back exploiting innocent people! Fuck that and fuck Aria.

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