Maybe Zynga's Not Such A Bad Place To Work After All...

Zynga, the home to games like Farmville, doesn't seem to be the greatest place on Earth to work.

It's not entirely awful, though. Here's a new multiplayer gaming setup built into the company's cafeteria. That's sixteen screens.

Is it enough to make me want to work there? Hell no. Is it enough to make me want to make friends with somebody who does just so I can steal their employee badge and sneak in after hours with 15 other people?


New 16 player "splitscreen" multiplayer setup at my office's cafeteria! [Reddit]


    This is pretty normal for a 'game' company...well sure 99% of them don't have a 16 screen set-up, but they have their variations of big screen etc etc; this ain't enough.

    The World lol's @ Zynga still.

    Playing Halo is great but still does not make you kool tho as the community will still beat you.

    That looks awkward and uncomfortable. I vote 'uncool'

    Totally. Awesome.

    Halo 3 still going strong

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