Medal Of Honor's "Authentic" Marketing Is Still A Joke

This is "Dog", supposedly an Australian sniper who's been brought in to advise Electronic Arts on development of the new Medal of honour. Make sure the game is an "authentic special operations experience".

I'm guessing by "authentic" they mean "we got the uniforms right". Because last I checked even special ops soldiers can't go into slow-mo mode and survive taking four bullets in the face just by hiding behind a wall until their health regenerates.


    Are you an idiot. They arent going to be 100% authentic in every aspect, making a game where you can die from 1 bullet isnt fun, Arma and Operation Flashpoint havent got a large fan base simply because people dont want to play a slow game, they want to get that authentic experience without it being to authentic like one shot kills.

    Use your brain cause. Look at CoD, they get Soldiers in to help make there games but there is nothing authentic about CoD.
    Medal of Honor 2010 was a very good game that was authentic in terms of how the weapons were used, how the soldiers were a tight nitted team and alot of other factors.

    Im not even gonna waste my time explaining anymore, you should know what they meant by Authentic cause they have explained it a million times.

    But I do understand where you are coming from though, it can mislead some people.

    If you want to have a go at a video game not having realism like go play a simulator, a game is meant to be enjoyed not killed never to be played again. You could've instead of bashing the video write an actual article about the video's content.

      I don't know if you've seen anything from Kotaku US, but this is a fairly decent post. It has a couple of paragraphs rather than 1 sentence.

        Shoot, my bad. Didnt look at the writer. Flame away.

    considdering this looks like bf3 with uniforms, im suprised he wrote that much

    No, he has a point - the developers trump up the realism as a selling point, but to anyone over the age of 10, it's horrifically unrealistic. I'm not just talking about the regenerating health - the entire flow and pace of these games doesn't match how real life military shoot-outs occur. In real life, most military engagements are 90% sitting behind cover, 5% terror as you try and shoot the enemy and 5% trying to see who you are supposed to be shooting at.

    The MoH series really plays the "realism" card, but it's not realistic in the slightest. Never been in the military myself, but I know of soldiers who are angry that these games try to purport to be realistic, when they are anything but.

      I cant say I know anything about military realism, but in my personal opinion, I found MoH 2010's campaign just had this really authentic feel through the characters, story and the interconnectedness of it all... Well at least in contrast to most other recent shooters i've played.

    Whoever cut this video is a moron. Guy talking about sniping and working as a group strategically. Then cuts to the game where dudes are walking in the open into a room blazing machine guns taking hits like they were nothing....

    By 'authentic' they just mean 'more authentic than COD'.

    Which isn't hard to achieve.

    Anybody who thinks that “authentic special operations experience” is referring to the reality/physics of combat is a complete and utter Plunkett.

    not a realistic game, it's definatly a more gritty take on war than say, call of duty. Authentic is the ARMA series, maybe this guy should go provide support with them :P

    Bet that any Aussie accent in that game is still going to sound Kiwi or South African

      I wouldn't be surprised if that's because so much VA work has to be done on-site in the US, meaning that actual Australians need to have been living in the US. And that... does things to your accent. Ever noticed how any American actor trying to sound like an Aussie usually ends up sounding either English or South African?

    luke you've crossed the line many times but this time you've gone too far.

    How dare you insult servicemen of our defense force.

    This guy is actually a sniper he's done several interviews for magazines before (one under the alias D44 for zoo magazine).

    How about you fact check before you start making up crap and calling it journalism.

      He didn't insult anyone but the developers.

    I bet you anything, when Black Ops 2 is released, Luke Plunkett will claim "It's the most realistic Call of Duty yet!' The man is a Call of Duty sell out. I find his articles pointless and question his ability to be a serious journalist, and thus dislike him as a person. Because internet. *hops on the hate Plunkett bandwagon*

    hes too busy posting pictures of 'realistic' action figures.... to do journalism

    apparently thr Taliban hate western snipers so much they refuse to negotiate until the snipers have been pulled out.

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