Meet Diablo III's First Paragon Level 100

Diablo III's new "Paragon" system was brought in to give "maxxed out" players some more stuff to do. It's been working for most, I guess, but for Alkaizer the well has once again run dry, because his Barbarian character has managed to hit the game's new ceiling.

As you'd expect, it took a lot of furious clicking. For reference, to get to regular ol' level 60, you need 23 million XP. To get to a level 100 of the Paragon system, you need over 3 billion XP.

If that's not making you feel inadequate enough, check out his armory page. And look at his weapons.

Alkazier [Diablo III, via PC Gamer]


    And how much money was spent on buying his gear?

      i head him say he spent about $1k, but most of his gear has gone up in value and he would have found a lot of legendaries worth selling

    Such a shame how this game turned out...

      Still trolling that huh?

        Still being a sheep to blizzards name :D

          No, I stopped playing it after 150 hours of gametime, but only because I felt I'd had a good run and I wanted to play Borderlands again before Borderlands 2 (I like to play many games a year, not just 1 like some people seem to do)

          My point is, I dislike CoD, it's a failure as a series and an abysmal franchise ground into the dirt by Activision, but I just ignore the threads about it, I don't poke my head in and badmouth it. That is why you're just trolling this shit now.

            So many haters for Diablo 3... It's so trendy now. I actually really enjoyed the game. Funny thing is most people complaining about how bad the game is are complaining about balance issues in Inferno mode and such, ie they are people that have already got many hours of gameplay out of it anyway. Most games have single player campaigns you can finish in a weekend, I got plenty more out of D3.

    Diablo 3 article better insert the same old cartoony barb image... Punkett 2012

      soooo using a relevent image to the story is wrong now? seriously grow up fool

        hi luke

    Apparently those watching his stream were saying he looked really tired once he'd done it... I can't understand how people can play the game for that many hours in on sitting... I can't play any game for more than about 2 hours a time anymore, maybe I'm just getting old.

      yeah you are, so am i, i remember Quake 3 sessions lasting days, i'd start playing friday after school then by sunday night im surrounded by mountain dew cans, beef jerky packets and pizza boxes.
      only time you i stopped was to shower and eat.
      These days couple hours and im bored, lost interest, my missus complaining she wants attention.

        I really think it depends on the game now and days... Like for example i am planning to spend a long time on Borderlands 2 when it comes out but for another game without rpg elements i find it hard to play for long.....

          I'm getting married 5 weeks after the release, planning a marathon sessions with the Fiance in order to get it out of the way so we can focus on the wedding... Hopefully removing a weekend from our lives won't hurt!

        - my missus complaining she wants attention.

        Amen to that.
        Death of my gaming sessions

        you showered ? that shit is weak!

    oh boy a strength setup zzzzzzzzzzzz

      Yeah strength so boring, should be using an int or dex build to make his DPS go higher.

        Ummm... I don't think anyone is in a position to judge how he plays. For very obvious reasons.

        Considering he max leveled, I assume it probably works.

        How would increasing his dodge chance or resistances improve his DPS?

      And a lot of +crit damage and health on Fury spent.

    He played more than 14 hours a day for 3 weeks. Far, far, far too much.

    There's a handful of games I've played for more than a few hours in a single gaming session since I turned 30.. before that it seems I could play any old thing that was half interesting for hours and hours.. I remember once playing an MMO for 3 days straight! Those were the days.. but not anymore.. Sleeping Dogs was the first game I've played for more than a few hours straight in a very, very long time.

    wait until you get kids...
    you wont have time to shower or eat

      Amen to that. I have a one year old girl. I feel your pain brother.

    What do you mean trolling diablo3? I still have stupid lag issues on what's supposed to be a single player game when playing alone. All of my friends haven't bothered playing it for well over 60 days. It truly is a shame how the game turned out.

    Still, I'm addicted to starcraft 2 so meh :|

      Yea he could just be angry with lag issues like i am as i have a barb and monk geared to handle inferno though i can only do up to end of Act 3 as whenever i enter act 4 i shot to 600+ms and can't play it dunno why and neither does blizzard so they really need to step up their game its shit that im unable to pass a single player game because i die while constantly frozen or teleporting around.

      But got GW2 now which im having no lag issues in all the way to end game and end game dungeons got abit of lag but nothing that prevents the game being unable.

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