Meet The Brand-New Dead Or Alive Competitor

With her two-toned hair, spunky attitude and part-time job at a diner (free food!), Mila might be my favourite Dead or Alive fighter yet. The up-and-coming MMA fighter makes her debut in Dead or Alive 5.

Considering Mila's admiration for Tina's father, she seems to have a thing for giant balding men with beards, so that's something. And she's so down-to-Earth, taking on the daughter of her rival in the gritty streets of New York, where the alleys make your jeans dirty and the train cars fly through the air like flocks of migrating geese.

One thing though — when did Tina get so tiny? She used to be a statuesque figure, and now she's just... well, a real girl.


    Must be rough being an MMA fighter, getting hit by trains and stuff whenever you spar.

    It wont be a Dead or Alive game without a jiggle option in the settings menu, fingers crossed

    Crappy dubjob is crappy.

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