Meet The Very Colorful Cast Of Borderlands 2

Video contains some spoilers.

If you're up for getting a sneak peek at some of the first few NPCs and low-level bosses you'll meet in Borderlands 2, hit the video above. The game is now officially available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, so you may want to save every morsel of surprise and gorgeous art for when you've actually got your hands on it. I can feel that.

But if you're totally cool with peeking, you'll get to see the introductory cinematic for individual characters, meshed together here by our own video expert Chris Person. It features the delightful cel-shaded art and quirky characteristics you might remember from the first Borderlands, complete with funky names and funny one-liners.

But, Patricia Tannis, you are truly insane. For not being a lover of bacon. Mmm bacon.

Happy vault hunting everyone!


    looks good... just for some one out of the loop do you need to pick one to play with ?

      Nah. They're either bosses or NPCs.

      No. Most of these are NPC's, some of them (Boom Bewm and I assume Knuckledragger) are low level bosses. The last one, Lilith, was a playable character in Borderlands 1.

    its not available til the 20th kids, don't get excited about this copy / paste job.

      Copy/Paste job? It's written by Tina Amini, one of the US Kotaku writers. It's available in the US today, thus the embargo lifted, thus all the articles are coming out now.

    I’m really hoping JB HiFi or EB Games will break the street date for this. I made 5 calls already trying to find someone selling it now.

    You couldn't wait 2 days for a game :/

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