Metal Gear Phone Games Sure Have Come A Long Way

The last big Metal Gear for a phone was 2009's Metal Gear Solid Touch. It was... look, I'll be kind and say it was serviceable.

Only three years later we've come quite some way. Thanks, advancing mobile phone technology!

I don't know how this is going to play, but I imagine Metal Gear fans will be all over it just for the artwork.


    I just love it for the sound effects, ahhhh takes me back.

    But seriously, do you actually 'play' it or do you just select actions from menus or use cards ala MGA?

    Any news on if it's coming to the west?

    what I can understand from this clip is that this is a turned based Card fighting game. and when you execute an action of special attack etc .... there will be a movie feedback.
    could be fun I guess, I really hope it comes on Android Phones as well.

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