Metal Gear Rising Cancelled For Xbox 360, But Only In Japan

Today, Konami announced that the Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has been slashed, cut and cancelled. Only the PS3 version will be released in Japan.

The studio apologised to those gamers looking forward to the Xbox 360 version but did not give a reason as to why it had been canned.

Update: Konami tells Eurogamer that Rising will still be released on Xbox 360 in the West.

Xbox360「メタルギア ライジング リベンジェンス」日本版について [Konami]


    Wouldn't blame them. If they were satisfy their market with quality product like uncharted this is the way to go. Now a warning for people that is planning to buy Xbox version. It will be a third party port which is very likely to be bad

      Not really, no. It's an purely commercial strategy, as Xbox360 really doesn't have an strong user base in Japan - so it'd probably cost them more too distribute the game in Japan than what they'd get back.

      No. Platinum is developing it for both consoles simultaneously. Just like they did with Vanquish.

    Nearly had an fit when I heard this last night... scoured the net, then wiped my forehead while saying WiiU, WiiU, WiiU over and over.

    At first I thought "yeah this makes sense because of low 360 sales" but the fact they still develop the game for overseas and all thats required is to slap it on a disc, surely a popular series is worth the investment if any game is going to release on 360 in japan...

    The 360 isn't very popular in Japan. They're much more PS people, so it makes sense. There's no point in distributing a product if the return is shitty.

    its good of them putting effort in making 360 games at all i reck aswell as bandai great companys luv ur worx keep it up ;)

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