Metro 2033, Already A Book And A Video Game, Will Soon Be A Movie Too

Metro 2033 is getting adapted into a movie, it looks like.

The game features a bleak, post-apocalyptic Moscow. The game itself, though, isn't technically getting the adaptation. The book it was based on — also called Metro 2033 — is.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the movie will be produced by MArk Johnson, who worked on Galaxy Quest and the Chronicles of Narnia films. The film will be written by F. Scott Frazier, who doesn't have that many writing credits to his name just yet.

The sequel to Metro 2033 the game, Metro: Last Light, is due in 2013. No word if the film and games will attempt to tie in to each other, but I'm going to just go ahead and assume and hope not.

MGM, 'Narnia' Producer Pick Up Rights to Russian Sci-Fi Novel 'Metro 2033' (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]


    This could work well as long as they don't try to "happy" it up. The book is worth a read for those who haven't.

      They probably will happy it up, it's Hollywood and John Travolta was right in Swordfish, American audiences like to see the bad guys get what they deserve and the movie to end happily for the heroes. The ending in the book isn't exactly happy either

        Insofar as the protagonist questions his actions

    Still there is no record of games - movies being any good.

    The movie won't be a game movie.
    It will be a movie based on the book since the game is based on the book!

    I bet the protagonist's name is Aaron, and its set in NYC subways :(

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