Microsoft: Kinect Will Play Nice With Windows 8

Microsoft: Kinect Will Play Nice With Windows 8

Microsoft delivered its Kinect for Windows roadmap today. Among the most important things included in the announcement is that Kinect will get Windows 8 support on October 8.

That’s when both the runtime and the SDK will be updated. So in the event something goes awry, Microsoft will have ample time to fix it before the October 26 Windows 8 due date. It’s not a huuuuuge deal, but its nice to know that this little experiment hasn’t been forgotten and left out to pasture. [Microsoft via ZDNet]

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  • I can’t see the mass appeal of a device that requires more movement (read effort) on the part of the user to input commands than does a mouse and keyboard. Sure it has some specialist applications that are quite interesting but I’d venture to say that your average PC user isn’t going to give a crap about Kinect support.

  • Lol, this aint gonna work.

    Kinect aint accurate for starters,
    Then there is the problem that most PC’s are mostly in small tight rooms like the office or bedroom so cant really see it workin.
    Then the biggest problem is that Kinect is for Console gaming, and spending that extra money just so you can navigate ur computer when most people would rather the mouse and keyboard.

    Its like the consoles, people are trying to change it from handheld controllers to kinect like ones, when the problem is we love using our controllers that we have been using since the 90’s(playstation), same goes for PC, we have been using the Mouse and Keyboard since the 70’s or 80’s and we still want it that way.

    Gaming is supposed to be relaxing and fun, not make you want to stop playing cause your swinging your body around like someone having a seizure.

    Not to mention that no one can make a good Kinect game. Why spend money on kinect when in a month your mostly gonna be using Kinect for its unresponsive voice command untill you stop using it and forget its there cause you love your controller.

    Plus we are happy with Windows 7, why make an OS that resembles the Xbox so much, bloody over Microsofts stratagies. Over Kinect aswell.

    Is Sony the only company that cares about there gamers and not the money.

    • “Aint”…really? This support is not only for gaming on Windows 8…it will enable things like voice control on home cinema PCs, and better speech to text support etc. There are many possibilities.

  • Also, controllers from the 90’s? Really? If anything Microsoft has been backing away from Kinect recently, they aren’t really forcing it onto people. Haven’t seen an ad since it launched.

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