Might The West Actually Give A Damn About Monster Hunter 4?

I doubt it. But bless Capcom and Nintendo for trying. Here's the TGS trailer for the upcoming monster battler, which is coming out for the 3DS.


    What? The real question is why *anyone* would give a damn about MH3U for 3DS when MH4 is on the horizon. Especially since this apparently has online while the former does not.

      Errr Monster Hunter Tri DID have online. Please research your facts before commenting :P

        Actually never mind, misread your comment LOL

    .... since when does the west don't give a damn about monster hunter? We have been waiting forever for it to release but they won't localise it because of people like luke. Sigh

    Is this guy serious? That trailer was awesome.

    I give a damn. I bought a PSP for Monster Hunter. This is the second time in 2 days I've seen a crap article from Plunkett.

    Given that Crapcom is disabling internet-based multiplayer from MH3U for 3DS I think they're doing their absolute best to make sure we don't give a damn.

      It seems to me that they're treating MH3U on 3DS as merely a supplement to the Wii U version. Which is probably the way I'll be treating it for a while.

      MH3G never had online multi.

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