Milla Jovovich Isn't In Japan, But Her Clothes Are

With Hollywood flick Resident Evil: Retribution now in theatres, the cast doesn't need those fancy outfits anymore! Today at the Tokyo Game Show, the costumes from the movie were on display, headless statues and all.

There's Alice's skin tight body suit, Ada Wong's dress, Carlos Olivera's gear, and the outfit worn by Japanese popstar Mika Nakashima, who plays one of the infected victims. Have a look.

Click the image to expand to full size.


    So Milla must be walking around her house naked, oooh Yeaaahh :P

    Went to see it last night, though it was the best one since the first

      Do not blaspheme!

    its the only reason to watch those movies same reason with 7 of 9 mmm jerry

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