Minecraft Is The United Nations' Newest Tool For Solving Real-World Problems

Minecraft has become an extraordinarily popular tool for gamers worldwide to create anything they can imagine, if in a blocky kind of way. Now, it's going to become a tool for the United Nations.

Mojang announced Block by Block today, a program they will be running in collaboration with UN Habitat. The idea is to use Minecraft as a kind of urban planning tool. Block by Block will allow UN Habitat to involve local youth in urban planning decisions, "by giving them the opportunity to show planners and decision makers how they would like to see their cities in the future."

In other words, before planners sweep in and decide how an area should be rebuilt, local kids get to have a go at rebuilding the digital version, to help show — not just tell — UN Habitat what they want and need.

The first project, in Nairobi, is already in planning. (The image at the top of this post shows the photo and Minecraft recreation of the area; full version here.) The goal is to have rehabilitated 300 public spaces by 2016.

Mojang and UN presents: Block by Block [Mojang]


    It'll all go well in Nairobi. The locals will start developing their cities... start making it all come back together...

    Then one night they'll hear that horrific noise....


      lols :) - I think this is a cool idea.

        making SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS noises to scare the Nairobians? BK you are a terrible human being!

    Aw look at that space its just begging for some construction

    FyreUK designs a new city for Africa... he he he it would awesome. (YouTube fyreuk)

    so does this mean all 3rd world countries will have square dirt houses and 1x1 noob towers?

    Then someone will come in, strip mine all of the precious minerals and leave the place worse of than when it started.

    Oh, wait...

    I'm just excited because it's yet another point I can bring up to support the integration of Minecraft into my school's curriculum! Thank you, Notch!!

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