Most Gorgeous Visualisation Of Torchlight II's Development You'll See Today

It's like watching an intergalactic alien battle where the combatants are, for some reason, bound to each other by tendrils of glowing white light. In reality, it's a visualisation of Torchlight II's development, provided by its creators, Runic Games.

What you're seeing are additions, removals and changes made to Torchlight II art, source code and other relevant files over the course of its production. These files are stored in what's called a "source control system". Source control allows multiple developers to work on software (like a game) without overwriting each other's work. It also provides a history of revisions made to each file.

Because this history is available, it's possible to do all sorts of crazy things... like this visualisation. While it's difficult to actually make sense of the specific actions taking place, it's one hell of a show.

Torchlight II Development Visualization [YouTube, via Reddit]


    That was gibberish. Fully awesome, completely mesmerizing gibberish. Super cool.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        So he didn't understand it to the depth that you think that you understand it, no need what-so-ever to put him down. Just because it's the internet there is no need to be condescending .

    So, what was used to make this?

    I want to run it on our source tree!

      It's called Gource, and it's open source:

    Looks cool, but that song.. Someone really needs to dial down the vocals in the mix

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