Mother And Son Add To The Mature Rating In Call Of Duty

I'm sure you've all encountered a few funny, perhaps aggressive exchanges on Xbox Live before. This one gets a little personal, a lot feisty, and there's cussing involved.

I personally like the opening line of: "This is the only thing I do!" I'm pretty sure that's why mama is upset with you in the first place. Don't bring that one up.

Mom vs Son (HILARIOUS) [YouTube via AmazingFilms 247]


    Sounds like young Cletus is a major disappointment to his mother/sister.


    The mom should realize a GED is completely useless. An employer will take one look at it and shove the application to the side until they find one that says high school diploma. But even a HS diploma is still not enough because there are many students here in America with a college degree and still cannot find a job. Degrees are becoming so common that they're losing value to the point where anyone who doesn't have one is completely fucked.

    I too am a high school drop out, the school system is doing a poor job at their methods of teaching trying to cram homework down our throats as fast as possible. I too also earned my GED which is completely useless.

    To hear this mom yell at her son..... I know i'm gonna get verbally raped for saying this.... I somewhat empathize with that 17 year old. I get the feeling he knows his life is fucked just like the rest like him. The most he could ever find is some part time shitty job with low hours and terrible benefits which is barely enough to scrape by. He will have to live with at least 4 room mates hoping they're not douchebags, and he'll end up eating top ramin and hot pockets every day just to stay alive.

    The whole thing sucks, the economy is getting worse and there will be more like him over time. It sucks for his mom too, I feel bad for her because she struggles..... seems everyone is sort of fucked.

      Didn't they once have a revolution there over less significant problems than what they've got now? :-P

    That's kinda not funny hearing someone else struggles with life.

    1st Yes, Ramin is Mi Goreng.
    3rd ???
    4th PROFIT!

    This kid needs a hobby. If I wanted my kid to get outside or just off the TV that bad I would try to help him along with something similar. She could just buy him an airsoft gun and tell him to go play call of duty outside. Seriously, look at these things:
    As close to real as it gets.

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