Murdered EVE Online Player Was A CIA Agent, According To The Infinite Wisdom Of Glenn Beck

Continuing his blossoming love affair with the video game community, conservative pundit Glenn Beck has waded into the tragic events surrounding the death of State Department employee Sean Smith in Libya earlier this month.

Not to pay his respects, though. He's bringing it up to accuse Smith and his colleagues of either working with the CIA or of being CIA agents, and that some of Smith's final messages to the outside world - which were sent to members of the EVE Online community - were actually coded, and intended for the CIA.

…and he noticed that they're watching all three [exits]. What does he do? Nah, he doesn't call the White House, he doesn't call the State Department, the, uh, embasssy in Tripoli. He calls a gaming website. Which is the first thing I would do. I'm like, I gotta check with my pals on the gaming website. And he writes: "We're in Benghazi. At a safehouse. If we get out of this one alive, I'll let you know. There are people watching all three exits." Gang… he's not telling his friendly gamers. He's a CIA agent. He is telling people — this is where we are, help us! …

Because, you know. The CIA wouldn't use secure transmissions or code. They'd just happen to be scanning for literal calls for help on video game message boards.

I Am Not Making Any Of This Up And Really Kind Of Wish I Were [Broken Toys, via Massively]

Obama Administration [Glenn Beck]


    I think my IQ just dropped 10 points from reading this statement

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      According to Google Translate, that's Maltese you've written there.
      Seems legit.

      "Target is staying on the 10th floor of the Hilton Hotel. Room 37. Proceed with extreme caution, target is armed and dangerous." haha rot13

    Beck completely mixes up the people involved - Smith was a Foreign Service Information Officer, not a bodyguard or an ex-SEAL.

      Doesn't even matter. If you've seen the stuff Glenn Beck used to peddle on his show, this is one of the more sane. The lunatic only just stopped short of calling Obama a lizardman or ancient alien, and his braindead fans love it.

    "Because, you know. The CIA wouldn’t use secure transmissions or code. They’d just happen to be scanning for literal calls for help on video game message boards."

    Sounds completely plausible to me.. more plausible than high-tech secure transmission networks.

    well, if anyone's feeling a little anti-Glenn Beck, or wants further enlightenment on Glenn Beck, visit the onion news:

    This guy figured this out all on his own? Wonder if he read Tom Clancy, also makes sense the company guy in the embassy would be the comms dude.

    I think they should display that slogan everytime Beck opens his mouth :)

    I'm a Jedi like my father.

    I wonder if he can decipher this coded message: Y**'*e an i**ot.

    It was indeed coded for the GIA, he wasn't far there.

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