Need For Speed: Most Wanted Singleplayer Is Also About One-Upping Your Friends

The Need For Speed team has been busy showing off Need For Speed: Most Wanted for a few months now, particularly the multiplayer aspect.

Now, they're turning their attention to the game's singleplayer mode. This quick overview shows off Fairhaven City, Most Wanted's setting, and also details how some of the mechanics that can make a player the most wanted (hint: go fast! no, faster!) will work.

In the true 2012 spirit, even the single-player game is in many ways just an asynchronous multiplayer. But smashing through a billboard with your friend on it, as you break their record, kind of does look really satisfying.


    None of my friends like car racing much and never have the same game as me. Perhaps I need new friends so I can enjoy these features.

      I feel your pain, I'll be your racing buddy as long as you're on PC or PS3. This looks like a good step up from Hot Pursuit which was a great game

    Oh please no, not the same voice as "DJ Atomica"??!!

      Yep its him, all need for speed most wandted (2012 edition) is is burnout paradise 2 under a different name

    If this game has the type of Freeburn that Burnout Paradise had, then this will be a huge time consumer!

    Loved Burnout Paradise, loved NFS Hot Pursuit even more. Will be buying this for sure.

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