New Amazing Spider-Man DLC Lets You Play As The Wall-Crawler's Supervillains

Boy, was the Lizard ever annoying to fight in this year's Spider-Man movie tie-in game. You, like me, may have wondered what it might be like to have all that reptilian power at your disposal. New DLC packs will let play as Spider-Man's arch-villain and his co-creator too.

Four separate packs will hit today, including the Rhino Challenge Pack and Stan Lee Adventure Pack that let you control the giant, horned bad guy as he rages through city as well as letting one of Marvel Comics' chief architects swing through the Big Apple. Those extras were previously pre-order bonuses. Along with those two add-ons, players can also get DLC that lets them crawl as the Lizard as he battles against Oscorp robots or play retro-styled arcade games on Spidey's smartphone. Individually, the DLC packs cost $US3.99 or you can grab them all $US9.99 on PlayStation Network, Steam or Xbox Live. If you haven't traded the game in yet, that is.


    So... paid DLC that lets you play crappy mobile games on your virtual avatar's virtual mobile device?

    You've got to be kidding.

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