New Call Of Juarez Is Called 'Gunslinger', Except You're A Bounty Hunter

There's a new Call of Juarez game in town. It's dubbed Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Here's the game's debut trailer, which features actors. Good thing this is a movie! Oh wait.

In Gunslinger, players are a bounty hunter out to get folks like Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Jesse James, among others. Gameplay brings back the Concentration Mode and its players to dodge bullets in slow-mo while firing off rounds. The game also lets players obtain new skills.

Last year, Call of Juarez was re-imagined as a modern day cowboy yarn called Call of Juarez: The Cartel. It featured adult language, graphic violence and strip clubs.

The game is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC in 2013. According to Ubisoft, it will return to the "roots" of the Call of Juarez.

Have a look at the screenshots below. I don't see any strip clubs, so perhaps it really is a return to the game's roots?


    Obligatory 'Bleeding Cowboys' callout.
    That bloody font.

      I hate that fucking thing almost as much as comic sans and papyrus. Shudder.

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