New Resident Evil Movie Is Now Marred By Japanese-Chinese Political Tensions

New Resident Evil Movie Is Now Marred By Japanese-Chinese Political Tensions

Resident Evil: Retribution might be a Hollywood movie, but it’s based on a Japanese video game. One of the places it takes place is, well, Tokyo. Yet, the actress who plays RE character Ada Wong now wants nothing to do with Japan.

Ada Wong actress Bingbing Li did not show at the recent Tokyo premiere for Resident Evil: Retribution. According reports out of Hong Kong, there was speculation that the actress was protesting the dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands (also known as the Daioyu Islands).

According to Li’s agent, the actress was busy in Shanghai and unable to attend. She had apparently known about the premiere for two months beforehand. What’s more, her agent did not deny that politics were involved, saying, “We are in line with our government — the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Bingbing will be attending movie premieres held in other places across the world and she skipped the Tokyo leg only.”

There are other reports that the actress has also requested that her image be edited out of the Resident Evil: Retribution posters for promotional use in Japan. You can see an unedited English language version below.


Why stop at posters? Why not ask to be edited out of the entire movie?

尖閣問題で中国女優が「バイオハザード5」の日本試写会を欠席 [Yahoo!]

Li Bingbing pulls out of Tokyo movie premiere []

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  • She’s so badly photoshopped INTO the poster that taking her out of it should be as easy as hiding a layer or two.

  • I didn’t even know who she was until now….and if this news didn’t pop up, I wouldn’t know who she was even after the movie….

  • Seriously. . . the way this is going I’m kinda hoping someone from somewhere other than Japan or China will come in and buy the damn island (I believe the island is owned by a private entity and currently being rented by the Japanese thus this despute) just to shut both Japan and China up about it.

    China taking out a half page advert in the f*cking New York Times comparing Japan claiming ownership over the islands as being akin to them claiming ownership of Hawaii (not to mention making a reference to Pearl Harbour) was just the height of stupidity. . .

    • I think that was done by a private citizen and not any official government rep. That being said. My understanding is that the Chinese government is doing what it can to encourage it’s people to make this kind of protest.

  • Maybe her people should have cleared it up with the production and marketing staff that she had political sympathies BEFORE the goddamn premiere. I don’t really care about those islands but I can’t take her side on this. You knew about this months before h and, you could have voiced it a bit sooner instead of coming out at the movie launch.

  • The whole thing is over oil and gas deposits in the water surrounding the island – the islands themselves are worthless.

    They’re not going to go to war over this – as rich as China is, they still depend on the rest of the world trading with them , and if they attacked Japan, even if it would be very painful, the West would stop trading with China. China isn’t going to risk Western Trade over those islands.

    Japan isn’t going to attack China because it’s not suicidal. Japan might have been stronger than China during WW2, but China’s moved on since WW2 and could beat Japan in a war. Plus, China has nukes.

    They’ve been pointlessly bickering over that stupid group of islands for a while now. Nothing will change – the islands should just be left alone by both sides.

  • Goodness frigging gracious. This whole stupidity over two tiny, worthless pieces of land is going to end triggering world war 3 at this pace. Why is humanity so stupid?

  • I wonder how Bingbing Li feels about Tibet. Good to know the Chinese murder government has another pretty shill to enslave their people with.

    • I’m guessing she feels the same way that the rest of the world feels; ambivalent now that the Free Tibet campaigns are no longer fashionable.

  • They should have hired a more professional actress to play Ada instead of a nobody who gives a damn about causing the movie makers trouble.

  • She doesn’t look like Ada Wong to me. Sure she’s wearing a red dress, but she looks earnest rather than confident.

  • I have been asked to perform duties that did not align with my personal political views and I was not happy about it but I performed my duties due to the fact that I respect other’s rights to an opinion as much as I disagree with them. My GF is Chinese and she is always amazed at how everyone always argues with Julia Gillard. In China no-one argues with Premier Wen, he doesn’t even have to go on TV to explain his case. This incident seems to be more related to falling in line with the status quo rather than being opinionated and informed on the issue.

  • Let’s not judge her too harshly. She may not even personally care about the island dispute, she may just be covering her own ass.

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