New Trailer For The Hobbit Will Make You Even More Excited

Wow. Wow. Peter Jackson and crew have totally nailed that inimitable blend of grand and whimsy that makes The Hobbit such a wonderful book.

The Hobbit comes out December 14. I'll be waiting in line at midnight. Hobbit ears on.


    I haven't been this excited for a movie in a looooong time. Looking forward to it. Immensely.

    Looks great, but 3 movies? That's freaking redonkulous

      Did they add a movie while I wasn't looking? I thought it was only two.

      Rabbit sleigh!

      Can't wait for the Battle of Five Armies. And Smaug!

      Oh my.

        Unexpected Journey
        Desolation of Smaug
        There and Back again

        Jackson said at the end of filming they had so much footage that they chose to make a third movie (the 2nd), this way it gives Smaug his own movie to parade around in as otherwise he becomes part of the movie with the battle otherwise (IN the same movie I mean).

          I'm ok with this.


            And OMG!!!!!!!!!! I totally just geeked out. Sorry.

          I think they actually are going to do more filming and the third movie is the extra one - and it is based upon bits of both the Return of the King appendices and the silmarillion.

            There is also going to be a hugely expanded upon (in relation the the actual text in the hobbit ) battle of the five armies.

      Don't care if they make it in 10 movies as long as the quality is there.

      The Hobbit is a very dense story in comparison to the Lord of the Rings.

      It's wonderful, any extra time spent in middle-earth is FINE BY ME

    There was so much HD from this i could see the dirt on the dirt on Ian's face. Wow totally amazing. Looks so good

    I am so psyched for this. After seeing this trailer I wish there were 4 movies to look forward to.

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