News Anchors Are Clueless About The Wii U

Over the last week, local news anchors have been struggling to describe the Wii U and been struggling just as hard to make funny jokes about it while seeming completely natural.

Here are some lowlights. Enjoy!


    "wii wii and pee u"... wow... welcome to 2006.

    Could have stopped the heading of this article after the word Clueless

    Was horrible but interesting to see general medias take on wiiu.

    Considering how much "we" piss take main stream media types (including this article) it's only fair that they also have a joke about gaming.

    ..... even if it is a feeble, pathetic joke.
    Don't forget to douse yourselves in antibacterial disenfectant, newsreaders. We don't want your inmunne system strong enough to resist the next pandemic ;)

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