NFLer Snubbed By Wrong Photo In Madden Now Gets One Slightly Less Recognisable

Ten days ago, Marcus Thomas decided he'd had enough of being identified by some other Marcus Thomas' mugshot in Madden NFL and took to Twitter to complain about it. Two days later, he was released by the New York Giants.

Well, not only is he looking for work, he's looking for a face, too. Madden NFL 13 updated its roster overnight, putting Thomas in the free agent pool with this blank picture, which probably accurately reflects most people's mental image of a guy who fell off the map after the 2008 season and appears headed into involuntary retirement.

If you're wondering why this picture couldn't be used, my guess is that Madden has to use the official league press book mugs, which depict every player in a blank jersey, and he's in a Broncos shirt here. EA Sports earlier declined to comment on the snafu, which appeared to begin when Marcus Thomas was joined on the Broncos, briefly, by another Marcus Thomas, a running back, and their mugshots got swapped.

[h/t Steve Noah, Operation Sports]


    What is this NFL of which you speak?

    Hey, I didn't know they played NRL in America... but why are they wearing helmets and padding?

    Don't feel to sorry for him, he would have earned a stupidly large amount of money from playing sport. Time for him to get a real job, same as everyone else.

    All this hatin because of the color of his skin. For shame.

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