NFL's Replacement Refs Are Horrible, But At Least There's Always Madden

One of my favourite moments of last night's football debacle was this tweet by the folks at EA Sports: "Some calls, only @EAMaddenNFL can make..."

That's one of the nice things about virtual football, isn't it? You don't have to worry about lockouts or labour strikes. And there are no replacement referees to screw up game-changing calls and ruin the integrity of the sport.

But hey, EA does like to keep things realistic. So I sent an e-mail to an EA Sports rep to ask whether they plan to lower the ratings of Madden 13's virtual scab referees, like they might if a player performed that poorly.

"No plans to make any changes to the Madden refs," he said. "Fortunately their contracts exist in perpetuity so there's no worries about any negotiations in the future. :)"

Ahh, to live in Madden world.


    Monday night football was last night?? Packers and Seahawks? damn!

    Derp..derpy...derp NFL... Murica ....
    Seriously can we have a poll or something and get rid of all this Madden/NFL crap no-one cares about.

      Don't read it then? It's pretty simple really don't click on the article. I mean I play Madden so some of this stuff does interest me. Not all of us are one track minded about video games and life in general.

      Don't read it, then. The link between NFL and stupidity you're trying to make is top drawer, too. Time to start linking soccer and race wars on FIFA articles or gaming and obesity on Skyrim articles.

      One of the biggest competitions in the world and (gasp!) a popular video game series.


    So bored of this rubbish.

      Don't like it don't read it. I think all that cosplay is pathetic, yet I've never said it should be banned from kotaku. Thats because, believe it or not, people have different tastes in gaming and life in general.

        Mr Blackhawks - I would like you to continue commenting on Kotaku, and bringing sense to a senseless world. :D

    NFL is one of 2 sports I follow and follow passionately. Madden is a day one purchase for me every year.

    "Dearest Kotaku,
    Please stop talking about Wii U, I hate Nintendo and do not intend to purchase their new console, and therefore none of the games or accessories.
    As I'm not interested, i'll assume NOBODY else is.



      Someone doesn't like something I like and says so?
      Time to climb onto the high horse again.

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