Nintendo Land Is 2012's Wii Sports

Like Wii Sports was to the Wii, Nintendo is going to need something small, fun and easy to learn if "new" players are going to get hooked on the upcoming Wii U.

Nintendo Land is surely going to be that game. Well, provided you actually buy it, since only the "premium" version of the console will actualy include the game.


    Luke has grown both as a journalist and as icon. Such is his glory. Behold the one true author. Praise the Luke.

    2012's Wii Sports? Let me know when they have 2012's answer to Metroid Prime.

    I thought it was 2012's Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

    Nintendo land doesn't have bowling. Bowling was the only good thing about Wii sports...

    None of these mini games will appeal to non gamers and old people a tenth of what Wii Sports did. Bowling sold the Wii to the masses. Nintendo Land will be largely ignored once some decent games are released. Few people will be playing this in 2 years, compared to the millions who still to this day have a quick game of Wii Bowling with friends. No comparison.

    I think it looks kind of neat and am looking forward to it, but also think it won't last very long.

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