Notch Is Showing Off Bethesda’s Legal Threats

Notch Is Showing Off Bethesda’s Legal Threats

At PAX Prime in Seattle, Markus “Notch” Persson and his studio Mojang have built a neat “em>Minecraft Museum”, where they’re displaying memorabilia and art from their hit PC game. But they’ve also got something a bit feistier on display.

In a humorous bit of nose-thumbing, Presson and co. have framed and put on display what appears to be the original letter sent to them from Elder Scrolls-maker Bethesda threatening legal action over the name of Mojang’s game Scrolls.

You can see the letter above, and if you’re at PAX (and can read Swedish), swing by and read it.


  • That claim by Bethesda was utterly ridiculous, but it’s stuff like this that makes me dislike Notch. This looks less like trying to be funny and more like being a dick.

    • It wasn’t actually, the trademark for Scrolls that Notch applied for was so broad, it would have made Bethesda breach copyright by just marketing their elder scrolls franchise. It was easy to portray Bethesda as the troll, but it was actually Notch being the trademark troll with his application.

      Bethesda were just protecting their very valuable IP: They did go about it in a very stuffy way, but that’s just how multi-billion dollar businesses conduct their business; not surprising in the least. Would have been awesome to see Bethesda’s impeccably dressed lawyers (or their staff pro-quake-players dressed as lawyers) turn up and play some quake though. 🙂

      • No, Bethesda were being dicks… almost Apple level dicks. They were claiming that the name “Scrolls” could be confused with the name “The Elder Scrolls” and therefore they should own the name Scrolls.
        I would agree that trademarking a single english word should be a no no (if I put the word “Edge” here will some asshat try and sue), but if the trademark office are okay with it….

    • Your use of the words Fantastic are infringing upon my friend Mr Fox. Furthermore your uses of the words Idea, Everyone and Ridicule are words that have appeared in The Young Ones frequently spoken by Neil. I’ll see YOU in court!!!!!

      • The fact that you are speaking directly infringes upon every other person in existence, we will all see YOU in court!!

  • Considering how Bethesda included a Minecraft reference in Skyrim (‘Notch’s Lucky Pit’), I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that he did this in good faith for a bit of a laugh.

    And really, if you can’t have a sense of humor about stupid legal threats, what kind of a person are you?

    ‘Someday we’ll look back on this and laugh…and laugh…and laugh…oooooooh boy.’ ~GLaDOS

  • The only reason Bethesda filed this ludicrous claim was as a result of the broken patent system. If they were seen to be not defending the title somebody could come along down the line and make an ACTUAL copy of their game and cite a lack of defence in this case as evidence they relinquished any copyright claim. It was one of those things where they were going to lose, but HAD to do something or risk being unable to do anything about any actual infringement down the line.

    • +1

      You must maintain product integrity in order to maintain claim of your patent displaying this is deceptive and rude you should be mocking the Patent and Copyright Laws not Bethesda.

    • Thank god someone actually know what the hell they are talking about.
      Notchs responses are just childish first the quake death-match and now this he is basicly a joke now
      But to be clear it was ZENIMAX the people that OWN Bethesda and all of Bethesda’s trade marks and copyright that had to file.

  • Wait, why do we hate notch now? I don’t get it. He made a game tons of people love, got sued for nonsense reasons, and that was kind of a big deal. I have no idea what’s wring with him putting these letters on display. Now he’s an egotistical douche.

    God, the internet can be so bloody fickle.

    • This seems to be misunderstood a lot, so here goes.

      Notch started it by attempting to blanket trademark “Scrolls”, which Bethesda apprehended would impact their existing IP if it was allowed to go ahead. So they sued.

      As usual, probably both sides had unreasonable views in differing respects, but it was Notch who was the first one to be unreasonable.

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