Off Topic: The Passing Of The Seasons

Saturday was the first day of spring and, predictably, I got sunburnt. It got me thinking — for most of my life I actually preferred Winter to Summer. Mainly because we have real life snow in Scotland, and I had an excuse to stay indoors and play games. But now that I'm in Australia, and Spring is here, I'm super excited — going to the beach, climbing, outdoors stuff. Summer is awesome in Australia. I wondered what season you guys get most excited about? Anyone hate summer? Or are you glad Winter is over?

In Scotland summer lasts roughly a week. And for the most part it just rains all the time. But Australian summers are amazing! I'm pretty excited. What season do you prefer, and do you guys have any plans for this summer?


    Through winter-time we call on spring,
    And through the spring on summer call,
    And when abounding hedges ring
    Declare that winter's best of all;
    And after that there s nothing good
    Because the spring-time has not come --
    Nor know that what disturbs our blood
    Is but its longing for the tomb.

    Yeats, 'The Wheel'

    Spring has to be my favourite season, warmer days but still wet enough to enjoy.
    I grew up in southern Western Australia, where rain is something that mostly happens to other people, except when it doesn't.
    So while growing up in Scotland taught you to appreciate the warm days, Mark, growing up in Perth taught me how special rain is and how to appreciate a cool breeze on a hot day.

    Fuck summer. Winter is coming. . . in the northern hemisphere.

    Love Winter, hate Summer.

    Can't get to sleep during summer with no airconditioning.

    Winter is the superior season, I'll take a good night's sleep any day of the week (something I have a much harder time getting during the warmer months).

    Hey, I got sunburned on Saturday, too! *high five*

    For me, Autumn is the best. Nice weather, like Spring - not too hot, not too cold - but without all the annoying allergy crap that I sometimes (but not always) get in Spring. Also Autumn is start of footy season which is a welcome relief after a summer full of tedious cricket and tennis rubbish.

    Plan for summer: avoid getting sunburnt.

    I don't like summer. Summer is my least fave season. It just keeps getting hotter and I'm not built for heat. I definitely prefer the cooler seasons, autumn and winter.
    And yet, in the middle of winter where did I go? Port Douglas. Why? For the heat.
    I'm inconsistent but there's this gelato place up there that's brilliant.

    I like Spring generally, except for the whole hayfever thing. I am currently mentally preparing myself for the worst.

      I get hayfever all year round, so I don't dread Spring as much even though it does get worse right about now.

    I prefer the cold weather to the hot weather. Cold I don't mind, I actually wear t-shirts for most of Winter in Sydney. But the heat really knocks me around.

    Summer is the worst.
    Queensland is also the worst. We transition straight from Winter to Summer and back to Winter again without any of the nice balanced temperatures of Autumn and Spring.
    But yes, when the weather becomes unbearably hot there's no way you can cool down properly, but if it gets unbearably cold you can just put more clothes/blankets on. Summer makes it impossible to get anything done because you can't sleep well and just want stick your head in the freezer all the time. And lets not get started on the sunburn...I just have to go get the mail and I'll be sunburned. Stoopid sun.

    Winter is my favourite season, and my favourite days are light rainy days. Sadly the two are often mutually exclusive. Summer is my least favourite, mainly because Brisbane Summers are filled with oppressive humidity and insects.

    I'd say Autumn is my favourite. I hate Summer because it's too hot, and makes it hard to get too sleep, and you always wake up early. I hate Winter because, though it is easy to get to sleep, you know that you'll be freezing the moment you get out of bed. I wish Summer and Winter would just go to hell, a cycle of Autumn and Spring would be great.

    Wow surprising to see how much people here prefer Winter over Summer. I guess we're all vidya gaem nerds anyway who generally prefer indoors :P

    I also prefer Winter over Summer. If it's cold you can just wear more layers, if it's hot? Well you can't really do much :P. Autumn is windy I guess and Spring... Spring is flower sexing season and runny nose and itchy eye season for me. Damn hayfever!

    Irrelevant stuff: That picture reminds me of Xenoblade!

    My favourite season was the Summer of Ska, but that was in the Nineties.

    I used to prefer the cold, until I started getting old and no longer have central heating. Summer sucks too. Fuck.

    Summer for me! I never complain about being too hot, while I really can't stand being at all cold. Summer is all fun and excitement and outdoors and beaches and bikinis and long days and bbq dinners and parties and awesomeness.

    Winter for me. Cold can be dealt with easily - just pile on more blankets/clothes, shut the doors and windows, turn on a heater (or all my consoles and computers, which serve the same purpose equally well, albeit slightly less efficiently)... but heat? Heat is oppressive. Closing the doors just leads to stuffiness, leaving them open just lets more heat in, and fans just move the hot air around without actually cooling anything. There's no way to isolate yourself from it, unless you've got A/C, but I never really had it outside of school (and later, work, albeit intermittently - server rooms in the height of summer with broken A/C are the worst).

    I'm looking forward to Autumn.
    Because when everyone here refers to it as "Fall", I die a little inside.
    Generally speaking though, I think Autumn is a pretty col guy. Nice weather without the extremes or the horrid flower sex getting all up in your nose.

    Also, Canadian Summer is hilarious. It hit a whole 28ish degrees last week and it was referred to as "hot". Meanwhile I was just sitting in the sun reading whilst everyone else was rushing to air conditioning.

      My Canadian wife and I had a discussion about the terms "Fall" and "Autumn" and why our different countries use different names for the seasons.

      As far as we could deduce, it's because the leaves actually fall in a Canadian Autumn, and that event is what defines the season in their minds. Whereas here in Australia we don't actually see falling leaves as a symbol of the season of Autumn.

    Mark, you should move to Melbourne, the only city in the world to stick a middle finger up at nature and decide to cycle all four seasons into each and everyday. Pouring down one second, sunshine the next. sometimes both!

      Not to mention hail the size of tennis balls :/

    Autumn and Winter are the best. Especially as a Barista and doing this zoo work, the hot months really suck.

    In Winter, you can pile on layers to keep yourself warm.
    In Summer, you can only strip down to your skin.

    I am not going to hate on any season, since that's a strong word. I greatly dislike Summer. And Spring. This year's autumn wasn't too bad - it was cool and dry fairly early on. I'm definitely a "foreigner" in Australia - family line has been here 222 years (2nd fleet), so that's really not enough time for my united kingdom genetics to have adapted to this dry, arid but also tropical landscape.
    I sweat. I sweat ALL THE GORRAM TIME. Pretty much any time "between when the sun comes up to when it goes dark again" has a high chance of being time I will spend sweating if I am exposed to the sun. Not a single building ever built in Australia has ever been built to accommodate our weather either, although they are slightly better at cooling than heating. Not that it matters, since whoever's programming the thermostat has worse conditioning than I do, just usually opposite. It's probably the same people that regulate City Rail's airconditioning for the handful of trains that actually use it. They operate on a "two season" policy. June through to November is "winter" and so "furnace hot" air is pumped through the carriages. December through to May is "summer" and that time is spent trying to achieve zero degrees Kelvin.

    So yeah, I mostly just hate weather in Australia. You'd think it would have sorted itself out by now, what with being the oldest continent and all. Maybe it's forgotten how ( obligatory #OldManAustralia).

    I spent a year in the UK in 2001 and it was the most comfortable year ever. Also, I'm not afraid of the rain like everyone else in Sydney seems to be (The Wizard of Oz was not a documentary on precipitation in Australia, water will not kill you).

    Anyway, I've been rambling and now you all probably know more about me than you feel comfortable knowing. Hi!

    Oh you'll learn to hate the 40'C summers soon enough Mark.

    Having made the opposite move, OZ -> UK, I can't say I appreciate the ever present gloom, but the cooler temperatures are certainly more welcome. I'll take snow to heatwave any day of the week.

    My favourite is the Summer of '69!

    Oh yeah!

    Standin' on your mumma's porch
    You told me that it'd last forever
    And when you held my hand
    I knew that it was now or never
    Those were the best days of my life!

    (Disclaimer: I wasn't actually alive in '69, but it's a kickarse song regardless)

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