Off Topic: Well This One's On Topic...

Well usually we use this post to talk about non-video game topics — but then Steam TV happened. I'd like to know your thoughts — how will it change the dynamics of things? Will you use it?

There's not a doubt in my mind, personally, that I will use Steam TV— but what about you guys and girls? I've heard a couple of people raise some issues, but I think it's a top idea.

Let us know in the comments below.


    I hope there's just one channel devoted to following Gabe Newell as he goes around his day.
    ...Not really.
    That'd be weird.
    (...But I'd still watch it)
    ((No, not really))

      I bet there'd be an 8 hour long program called "Watch Gabe respond to his emails" where you watch Gabe respond to his emails, typically in some sort of humourous fashion.

        And there'd be a Half-Life 3 channel where you get to watch Valve work on Half Life 3, but when you switch to the channel, it's just a shot of a tumbleweed in front of a computer.

          The tumbleweed would obviously be sitting int the computer chair. Back support is important.

            I'm too scared to comment, because it sounds like you are having a great conversation with yourself and I am enjoying it...

              Midday TV there would obviously be a talk show. It'll star Gordon Freeman, Chell and the German CT character model from Counter-Strike discussing the day's noteworthy news and gossip..

                On Friday nights, Alyx Vance will host a home renovations series set in City 17.
                It mostly involves Dog wrecking stuff.

                  Every weeknight at 7PM will have the channel's very own reality show. A mix between Big Brother and The Odd Couple, it follows the shenanigans of Louis and Francis as they share an apartment.

    Do you have to buy it? I thought it was a streamlined way to connect your PC to the TV?

    The idea is great, but the logistics of connecting my PC and TV are too daunting. (Seperated by three rooms.) I've got no plans to move it back and forwards, but the idea of using a dedicated 'steam' PC is interesting.

      (I love the UI, though. I hope Sony and MS are taking notes. That's not 'master race' talk either. I freakin' love my consoles, but the Xbox dash in particular is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. :P)

      Sheesh DC, it's just a really spiffy looking UI you don't need to buy it.
      But just the UI is reason enough to get excited.

    Steam TV? You mean the Big Picture mode?

    Very off topic. Just read your man Murray FINALLY won a Slam, Mark. Congrats.

      So happy for Murray! Must be a great feeling to be a Scot/Brit right now.

        A well deserved win, Nole fought hard, Murray harder.

    WTF - buy a steam TV? Understanding fail. U get big picture mode (beta) in the steam application.

      I'm an idiot. Fixed.

        LOL. It is actually very confusing. Valve box valve tv valve cake. Valve U.

          It's funny how the one thing in that list that is actually real is a lie :P

    I thought this was just some free update to the steam interface for when your PC is hooked up to the TV to embiggen things

    I personally have no use for it. My gaming computer's in my room. I've also got a TV in my room, but the screen's probably the same size as my computer monitor. Really no point in trying to play PC games on it. There's a bigger TV down stairs, but I'm not really sure I can be bothered to try and hook my PC up to it. I'm almost certain it would involve me having to physically move my PC out of my room and that's not something I'm going to do. Plus part of the reason I have a PC and TV in my room, which is hooked up to a PS3, is because I like privacy when gaming so I can really immerse myself into the game. Playing in the living room sort of defeats that. I also prefer to have smaller screen that I'm closer to than a big screen I'm far away from.

    I think it's awesome that they've done this, and I'm sure many people will use it, but it personally offers me nothing.

    Well I know it's designed for tvs and such, but it's a very epic interface even for my third screen on my pc ;D. I quiet love it, and it seems like the best UI I've ever encountered for this type of thing (vs Xbox / PS3 / Wii etc)

    Steam what? Is this some new streaming video thing or do you mean Big Picture mode? I've been thinking about building a mini-ITX HTPC with some mid-range gaming capability for a while, but been waiting for Big Picture Mode to come along first.

    The idea is brilliant and I also hope xbox live takes note. I have had my PC hooked up to 55 inch for a year now and once you play games full resolution on the couch your xbox bleeds your eyes out.

    Andy Murray finally wins a Grand Slam.

      Hate to be picky, but i'm about to be. A 'grand slam' is winning all 4 'slams' in the same year.

    i like this idea, I mostly play console games, but their are a number of games I play on steam. Having the ability to play them on my tv will be great

    I'm going to be all over this. Dual screen with one screen being my hdTV (only use one screen at a time when gaming), so now I can sit back on my bed with a wireless controller or K&M and take in the awesomness while being as lazy as possible

    I've started using my HD TV for my PC gaming more often lately and since 86.78930% of my games are Steam games, this is a very welcome addition.

    I will test this when I get home but It would be awesome if it detected hook up to the TV and changed your computers audio output at the same time. That is the most frustrating thing I find when using my TV and PC together

    Congrats to Mark Serrels for confusing the crap out of people.

    Mind you Bish has some awsome ideas if Valve was to make a TV thing. lol

      c'mon man, it's his first day

    I assume you mean Big Picture Mode.... it's just steam optimised for a TV and a couch instead of a desk and monitor. The article (question) is very confusing.

    As I posted in the announcement topic

    I’ve had my PC in my lounge room for a few months now (at the request of my partner so that I don’t “leave” her all alone if I got play some games) and I only have 1 major problem with the setup. It has nothing to do with a dashboard or using a controller… the problem is being able to read the screen.
    I have a 42inch plasma and my couch is bout 3 meters away. There is no way in hell I can read the text on a website or in game chat. Thus I sit on a bean bag with a little table for my mouse and keyboard.
    I see the benefit of using a controller from the couch (I’m not a massive controller fan) but it’s all kind of pointless if I can’t read the screen from that far back. Yes you can zoom but it’s not the same.

    Also for this to work, steam need to release good quality built in controller drivers. I haven’t got an xbox360 controller but I’ve tried playing things with a PS3 controller, and it’s very annoying and difficult to set up properly.

    And finally – I’m not going to play CS with a controller… especially on steam, against other PC gamers. Either there needs to be some “keyboard/mouse on the couch” equivalent or this whole idea is only useful for certain game types such as platformers and side scrollers, and maybe 3rd person games.
    I’m not saying you can’t play a shooter with a controller but it’s different when everyone uses a controller…

    Also since watching the little demo video in one of the latest kotaku articles, it would be AWESOME for big picture mode to include a media player/ library such a windows media player or VLC so that we can do all the HTPC things from the couch.

    been waiting for big picture since it was first mentioned/hinted at aaaages ago... can't wait to try it tonight

    I use my 46inch LCD TV as a monitor anyway. Probably won't make much difference.

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