Okami HD Still Looking As Colourful As A Vomiting Rainbow

You know, as nice as it'll be having this in "HD", the more I think about it, the more I don't understand why this isn't a Vita game. Because of the brushes, man. The brushes.


    I hear that! It just makes sense I thought :-s

    Why are they showing so much from the last 1 or so of the game in a trailer?!?

    Because I want to play this damned game on my PS3, that's why. *harrumph*

    yeah i agree it should be available on both ps3 and vita - but i dont haz vita so i dont care, ps3 woooo!!! =D (im super excited for this game)

    even tho it wasn't originally developed for it , it worked best on the wii

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