One Last Dragon


    If only it really was the last we saw of dragons

    This is terrible. She's standing all girly and holding her swords backward like she's shrugging with her hands out, I don't think a Dragon has ever been less threatened in their life...

      My thoughts exactly... There is a time for sexytimes... it is not when you're trying to kill a dragon.

    That pose is just freaking awful

    Agree, bad pose, but sexytime, is anytime, especialy good as a response to fear, because it mixes emotions.

    lets face it if you want to be all strong infront of a dragon, or sexy either way you infront of a dragon, people wanting strict realism in a fantasy world, are DORKS.

    Realism, in fantasy, is more about graphical detail, and scene detail, not that a sexy girl would not fight a dragon. lol

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        if there's one thing i love more than a misanthropic gamer, it's an illiterate one.

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