One Of These 17 Beautiful Screenshots Is Your Next Desktop Wallpaper

Joanne, aka PixieGIrl4, is a video game "photographer" in the same vein as guys like Duncan "Dead End Thrills" Harris.

She is very, very good at what she does.

Below you'll find some of her best "screenshots" (click to embiggen), which are captured using tools and tweaks that can - and often does - melt hardware. So if you're wondering why your copy of Game X doesn't look as good, well, that's because you play games to play them, not with the specific goal of turning them into beautiful pictures for the internet.

If you're wondering how each was made, the link below will take you to her Flickr page, where each image contains a description of the settings employed.

PixieGirl4's photostream [Flickr, via @deadendthrills]


    NT ill stick with my HD welltall wallpaper in id mode

    mirrors edge still looks awesome

    4th one down is ME 1, its the background when you come out of the stripclub in the citadel down in the wards.

    As others have said, Mirror's edge still looks goddamn fantastic. A pity that the quality of the gameplay didn't match the quality of the art, but I'd still play a Mirror's edge 2.

    Something I've found after frequenting Dead End Thrills for quite some time is that screen caps from games are pretty to look at but they're not really wallpaper material. I think it's because games are primarily designed to be enjoyed in motion.

    You should check out gameplay footage from an upcoming game "Remember Me".

    Not exactly the same, but it gave me Mirror's Edge Flashbacks.

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