One Pokémon Was Almost Named Piploop, But It Sounded Too Much Like Poo

Piploop became Piplup because Piploop sounds too much like poo. Another Pokémon was almost called Doncrowleone, but... well that one's pretty obvious.

Siliconera's got a great interview with Seth McMahill, an assistant project manager at Nintendo and one of the people who helps translates games like Pokémon from Japanese to English for release on U.S. shores. McMahill's got some funny anecdotes from his time there.

"There are some other ones, where you're just stumped," he told the site. "Like Lickilicky. A Pokémon with a giant tongue. Well, what do you name that, you know? All right, Lickilicky."

Funny Stories Of Pokémon English Name Localizations [Siliconera]

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    Piplop would have been better if that was the case.

    If you'll excuse me i need to piploop. Good day sir.

    Chimchar should have been chimpoop.

    We all know that is a Penguin...Oh God! Its made Eye contact! What do we Do? Don't Move. May be we can confuse it before it closes the distance and tears out our throats. Right you go that way...RUN!

    Thanks you common sense. You have saved the day once again!

    It's name still sounds like the noises of someone on the toilet.

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