Over 70% Of The Games At The Tokyo Game Show Are For Phones And Tablets

There has been a lot of news coming from the Tokyo Game Show this year. We've heard about Metal Gear and Phoenix Wright and a host of other games for and from Sony and Nintendo, as we have come to expect.

And yet the console and handheld games that so many of us are fans of make up just a tiny minority of what's on display at the TGS this year. IGN broke down the numbers, and created a list outlining how many games are at the show by platform. The numbers are surprising:

iOS/Android Phones & Tablets: 365

Other smartphones: 142

PlayStation 3: 57

Nintendo 3DS: 34

PC: 32

PSP: 30

PlayStation Vita: 24

Xbox 360: 24

Wii: 5

Wii U: 2

That's a total of 715 games. It's likely that some titles appear counted multiple times; for example, a game released for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 may well appear as three games (the list doesn't specify). Even so, that list says rather a lot.

Of the 715 games being shown, 507 are for iOS, Android and other smartphones and tablets. That's a total of 71 per cent of the Tokyo Game Show. Handheld games on the PSP, Vita, and 3DS add up to 12 per cent of the show, at 88 games, and all four set-top consoles (including both the Wii and Wii U with the 360 and PS3) plus the PC combined add up to just 120 games, or 17 per cent of the total.

It is true that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are both winding inevitably into the ends of their cycles, likely to be replaced in the next year or two with new hardware, which in turn will likely cause developers and publishers to push out new games and franchises. Perhaps the 2013 TGS will be overflowing with new console game announcements. Those games of the future, though, will almost certainly be announced alongside, as opposed to instead of, the ever-growing cavalcade of mobile games.

TGS: Console Games: Japan's Just Not That Into You [IGN]


    Tablet/Smartphone games take a 10th of the time and resources to create, so of course there are going to be more of them there.

    Most of them are 'social' games that are more less repacked versions of each other with the selling point of having your favourite franchise/Character on it. The volume of them shown speaks of the average life span of them too.

    More PSP than Vita?

      Thats what I'm saying...Sony needs to discontinue developers making games for it. It's giving psp owners less reason to upgrade...

    While my instinct is to sneer at these games, Japan needs to bring gaming out of the closet a an otaku thing. Kids adore games but its still just seen as a negative, geeky pursuit. Despite the bro culture invasion, the country could use a little more pride on that culture and mobile gaming might help this.

    @ Wii U games.... Wow... Mot a fan of nintendo anymore but wow. Only 2 and it a new console!

      Nintendo doesn't go to TGS.

    gamers shouldn't feel threatened by mobile aiming. we've all got mobiles. as long as we keep buying games we love on consoles we enjoy playing on,then the market will on tinge to provide games we enjoy.

    There's an big difference between Skyrim and Angry Birds.

    But no difference between The Sims Social and The Ville :P

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