PAX Attendees Trade In Bottle Caps For An Engagement Ring At Bethesda's Booth

Two PAX attendees in Fallout cosplay thought they might be able to trade in months' worth of bottle caps savings for some cool swag at Bethesda's booth in Seattle this past weekend.

Little did Alice, Trevor's girlfriend of three years, know what was hidden inside the ammo box the Bethesda booth representative handed them. Skip ahead to roughly 3:50 if you want to get to the proposal action. Kudos to Trevor and Bethesda for the very sweet, sneaky moves.

Fallout Proposal [YouTube via Reddit]


    *Sniff* now off you go you geeky kids and make Uncle Lillee some geeky children

    Ahh dropped the ring. That's why I used Civ V to propose; we were both seated ;)

    I am surprised that this contruy wasn't first! When Sacred had the International and the censored American release I thought the Europeans where the more sensible of the bunch. For a world that pisses and moans about free trade so much we seem awfully willing to mess with it. If the market can bear these games then let it.

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