Phoenix Wright Is Back For Ace Attorney 5, But Where's His Usual Cohort?

Phoenix Wright is coming back to the courtroom (what ever happened to Apollo?) in the upcoming Ace Attorney 5 for the 3DS, but his trusty companion, Maya, may not be with him.

Screenshots released from Capcom show the defence lawyer back from his time off as a poker player and pianist to "fulfill a promise." After the bombing of a courthouse (While it certainly looks like everyone's favourite courtroom, there has been no confirmation that it is indeed the same place) Phoenix returns to defend the suspect, a shy high school girl against the younger brother of Winston Payne.

Protagonists of the Ace Attorney series never work alone. However, Phoenix Wright's usual companion, the eccentric medium, Maya Fey, is nowhere to be seen in the released images.

Considering that she has been a staple for the series since the beginning and has had a relationship with Phoenix that has developed over the past games, this comes as a bit of a shock. In her place, a young redheaded girl is being introduced to the series, although all information about her, including her name, has yet to be revealed. Capcom's official Ace Attorney 5 site was kind enough to introduce her only as a "mystery girl..."

According to developers, the new game will also have a new system that focuses on the psychological side of cases, not just evidence and facts. some of the released in-game images show 4 emotion icons in the corners of the screen, but how they will be utilized has not yet been revealed. Hopefully, we'll be able to find out more and see the new "mystery girl" and Phoenix in action soon, as Capcom has announced that they will have a playable demo available at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in two weeks. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Ace Attorney 5 does not yet have a release date.

逆転裁判5 公式サイト [CAPCOM]

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    Capcom game has a young red-headed girl in yellow...


    It's coming to the west. Oh thank god, I've been waiting so god damn long for a new entry. Can't wait totally excited!

    It's worth mentioning that the lack of Maya is likely due to her becoming the Master of Kurain Village.

      yep, but hopefully there is another murder there some point in the game so we can see all growed up maya and pearl!

    SIf she won't show up in case 2.

    I'd like to see another Apollo Justice. I like Phoenix Wright but Apollo Justice ended with several questions I'd like answered.

    I wonder if this will use the jury system they introduced at the end of Apollo Justice? Could be a fresh shot of gameplay in the court case sections!

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