Phoenix Wright Is Back In These First Ace Attorney 5 Screenshots

Scans? Who needs 'em when you've got actual screenshots of the newest entry in the Ace Attorney series, which not only sees the return of Phoenix Wright, but marks the series' first foray into 3D visuals.

These official images, released by Capcom, are a mix of artwork and in-game shots, showing the game's new 3D courtroom in greater detail.

The publisher confirmed with Kotaku earlier today that the game will be headed to the West.

Ace Attorney 5 [Official Site]


    I'm watching the movie right now. Pumped for this game.

      Is there english sub for the movie now?

        Yes, there are subs if you want to take a less than legal approach to aquiring the movie.

    I started playing the first game, enjoyed it for a few hours, but it got boring fast... do the games get better?

      I burned out on the third game. Quality is consitant througout so not much point of you picking it up again.

    I am playing through Apollo Justice and I am enjoying it a lot. Love the humour and characters. Only annoying part is like adventure games if you do not find a certain object or interact with a certain character you can not progress to the next stage

    No Maya?

    It wouldn't be a Phoenix Wright game without stupid hairstyles.
    (Apollo Justice went too far with it)

    Looks fabulous! Can't wait to see how it plays in 3D! "hopefully borrowing the forensic gameplay from previous versions"
    Do you think it will be voiced or will it retain in it's mute ways? =p

    They've done the 3D models right. I said I'll buy a 3DS for Ace Attorney couple of years ago, so I guess I need to get on that.

    I wonder if this game takes place before the Apollo Justice game and after Trials and Tribulations. Phoenix still kinda looks young.

      One year has passed since the events of Apollo Justice, and once-Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright has returned to the courtroom - and just in time, as a bomb reduces the hallowed halls to rubble. Wright takes on the defense of high-schooler Shinbou Morisumi, a mysterious new partner at his side and the relative of an old foe across from him at the prosecutor's bench...


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